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I don’t even know…

Horrible idea, horrible tattoo quality, and likely on a horrible person.

Filed under: Product placement, Random

  • vomit knife

    Just one more example of mindless rap bullshit.

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  • Bic

    Really cause I’ve never seen a Benz in need of a good waxing!

  • Mike

    I am absolutely amazed at the fact that these people are proud of the shit they get put on their bodies… The name of this site says it all… Simply… “WTF”?
    However, it is some funny shit that makes my time at work move along much faster!!!

  • twinkiefingers

    Gotta love home made pengun tats.

  • Jason B


  • Jess

    yuck… doesn’t even look female….looks like a man w/ a sex change

  • Bocca

    again, another ghetto slut i wanna make a baby with….will you be the mother of my kids?

  • goober

    is it a man or a woman?

  • CountryKate

    As I woman I would be horrified to have that permanently etched onto my body.

    Is it me or does she/he/it look disfigured?

  • cocobean

    Just one word explains it all…NASTY


    That “Punnani” area looks used and abused.

  • Loki

    Please stay out of our fine German autos !!!

  • crackmonkey


  • Again

    Your tax dollars at waste…

    I doubt that the dealer would give you more than $50 for that “mercedes” as a trade-in

  • marshall

    ISH! Look at all that gross pubic stubble!! I bet that shit looks like cottage cheese when you open it up

  • GOD

    Benz-Punnani???What is that..some kind of Germany Italian car???
    AND why does it smell like old dead fish???
    Did ‘it’ mean panini…they think ‘it’s’ an Italian grilled sandwich???

    But, just like lipstick on a pig…this is obviously is a fat,stinky, syphilitic, overused enormous gash, that a truck could drive though!

  • Meme

    What ever it is, it needs to reshave or a diff style panty… Yuck.. I wonder if the whole body looks that bad.. That no matter where the tat went it was gonna be bad..

  • Hioni

    ……………………. What a horrible, horrible thing to do to a logo….

  • the kid

    this…this is unspeakable.

  • Noel

    Way to disgrace a car name stupid hoodrat bitch She looks disgusting and disfigured. Btw for people that don’t know, punnani means vagina…

  • Brandy

    she should have that tattoo Stanky Lady…it’s all discolored around her vagg…ewwwuuuhhh

  • chloe

    besides finding a better razor, she should also find a new underwear style. ugh. ew.

  • jamaican

    it means pusssy in jamaican terms

  • Invisible_Jester25

    … so she tattooed “Pussy Car” on her vag?

  • Meee!!

    Its from a Vybz Kartel song…which is DANCEHALL NOT RAP…And the term means good p*ssy

  • SweetRush

    I have a benz…that shit makes me want to go trade it in for something else now!!! EEEEWWW!!

  • hate this

    Always the nigs with these idiotic tattoos. Keep up the good work you damn porch monkies, I can always use a good laugh. She probably sold her foodstamp money for that!

  • Suzie Q. Wacvet

    Unless this is somehow a guy, there’s way too much hair in this picture!

  • sphinx

    benz punani is a song sung by a dancehall artiste…. the songs compares “taxi punany” to ” benz punany” benz punany supposed to be the reserved high class punanny, but she ting aint even a benz … coz if it was it wuda neva be on this site in d first place….big up vybz kartel who mek the gyal dem maddddd

  • JordanLindsay

    Anyone else notice that nasty hair around her hooha? Pretty nasty i must say.

  • Rob

    There are mis-spellings, and then there are mis-spellings of slang words. How the HELL do you screw up the spelling of a slang word?! There’s only one “N”, you ghetto fabulous phuqtard.

  • Yoga

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  • anunturi diverse

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  • locuri de munca

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  • vanzari telefoane

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  • escorte dame de companie

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  • akvaryum

    Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

  • Brandi

    “You know that bitch ain’t got no Benz……she be rockin her Dollar Tree bo-bo’s!!”

  • lindsey

    she/he has MAJOR razor burn!! that “benzene” needs to be waxed and a tattoo removal!

  • Chanel

    Shes refering to a Jamaican song!! It’s called “Benz punnani” you tube it lol and she’s most likely Jamaican thats why she’s disgustingly hairy no disrespect but jamaican women are always hairy !

  • Borat

    Where can I find this pussy magnet?

  • Roscoe

    It just looks unhealthy.

  • http://facebook wolf

    Glorification of material goods past their prime. I could go on for hours about what is wrong with this. Yes it looks really used, I wonder how many times the trunk has been used, or how many times the front door has been been opened wide and been reupholstered. Just idiotic, I wonder if the artist had to wear a breather to be that close to it, or if delousing was required.

  • Jack Goff

    I can’t believe it took 14 people and 1 spam bot before someone mentioned the pubes!

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