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  1. CrackMan says:

    I’m a little taken a back and left speechless…I am counting on some good comments here to cheer me up…looks like I will put another sticker on my bass guitar case to compete with this blasphemy…

  2. Douche Nozzle says:

    HEY . . . 😉 :) 😀 😛

  3. sweet angel says:

    Less disturbed by the dumb tattoo, than by the beard below the belly button.

  4. ARF says:

    Someone went all Girl-With-The-Dragon-Tattoo on this guy!

  5. Lolita says:

    I’m pretty sure many of these are men losing bets, and being too macho to bag out of the deal..

  6. Lizzzzaaayy! says:

    Atleast he’s honest lol

  7. Angie says:

    Does he know what that means?? Did they trick him??

  8. Missy says:

    I guess stupid is becoming the norm.

  9. tracy says:

    Why? This is madddd stupid!

  10. F.U. says:

    What’s up with the super extra wide happy trail… ew.

  11. Jenny says:

    That’s not a happy trail, that’s a happy road

  12. Jenn says:

    Why is the ok pixeled out? I guess you can drop an F-bomb on your disgusting belly but not the internet.

  13. Dennis Perkerson says:

    Not sure if this is a man or woman

  14. Armauld says:

    It’s a man and it’s a treasure freeway.

  15. L says:

    Thanks for the warning, ladies run! Bet the tat artist was like, this guy should wear this.

  16. APink says:

    I bet he has “Fat Ass” tattooed on his back!

  17. AjBren says:

    Truth in advertising!

  18. ARink says:

    Wtf is that!! What it should have said is never gonna get laid…. The more I look at it the more I think chewy is trapped in his pants.

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