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Human Centipede cliff notes

Filed under: Product placement

9 Comments to Human Centipede cliff notes

  1. At least this one got the arrows right. But why are people getting this tattooed on them?? I don’t get the fascination.

  2. smauge on November 13th, 2012
  3. The person who thought up this movie as well as any involved in its creation, production, or distribution need to be shot as well as any offspring they may have already produced…. disgusting! And these idiots with the “inspired” tats need to be shot right along with them!

  4. jlynnsmiley on November 14th, 2012
  5. i bet this guy eats his own turds.

  6. bob on November 14th, 2012
  7. I agree with jlynn. Stupid and gross. And is that a girl with this stupid tattoo or a dude with a trampstamp?

  8. Jamie on November 16th, 2012
  9. omg who would ever get a tattoo in relation to this movie.. it’s so disturbing.. and that someone gets a tattoo of it like what were you thinking!?

  10. France on January 11th, 2013
  11. Pretty sure they were thinking they wanted someone to eat their asshole. That’s what this tattoo says to me. “I’m not-so-secretly into butt stuff, please put your mouth there.”

  12. Dave on January 14th, 2013
  13. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Is there no code of ethics for tattoo artists/shops AT ALL?!

  14. Jennifer on May 26th, 2013
  15. That’s beautiful work! You don’t know anything about tattoos! If it’s meaningful to her that’s all that matters!

  16. Ken on November 5th, 2013
  17. Ken, you are a moron!

  18. BobtheLumberjack on November 5th, 2013

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