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A Hulk Hogan tattoo within a Hulk Hogan tattoo. Whoa.

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  1. buddyminpin says:

    That’s just gross, yucky and revolting.

  2. J Stew says:

    Best tattoo ever!!!!

  3. I eat POOP says:

    The smaller one looks like what Hulk would look like if he had hair! When is he EVER going to get rid of the silly head scarf and shave his head??

  4. drm says:

    I find this genuinely creepy, and that’s pretty hard to do.

  5. Gat says:

    Needs to be continued with a Hulk Hogan in the smaller Hulk Hogan’s chin.
    Then it will be excellent.

  6. Yumiko says:

    1 Favorite phrase Don’t make me lay the smack down 2 Dyes her hair beaclh blonde3 Tosses out all your pants, replaces them with yellow spandex4 You come home to find a wrestling ring where the bed used to be5 Theme music plays every time she enters the room

  7. inkling says:

    Yeah, the infinitesimally replicating Hulk to infinity which, in time, will consume every square angstrom of his being thus necessitating that the tattooed be cloned so his tattooist may continue to tattoo Hulk ad infinitum.

    Makes perfect sense to me :-)

  8. John says:

    This tattoo was done by Antony Flemming.

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