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Homemade tattoo gone wrong

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  1. CrackMan says:

    Must have had the kids do this work. This belongs on “Your Kid’s Art Sucks” instead…

  2. EmmettsMommy says:

    That looks almost as I’ve seen worse! But yes, this is bad!

  3. Cmfh says:

    Thats why they should not sell tattoo “kits” online

  4. Dj KuB says:

    That’s beyond shitty

  5. dave says:

    it’s mind boggling how someone can possibly think that is a good idea…my 7 yr old cousin has more legible penma

  6. Eldubu says:

    I don’t think that’s a tattoo…you can see the paint globbed on the arm.
    If it IS a tattoo…sucks to be you!

  7. Hammered says:

    dumb idea

  8. caligirl says:

    It’s in the middle of the scabbing process which is why the ink looks like that.

  9. kp says:

    The chick in the background appears to be getting inked also. Or its a mirror and this Asian loves her some saints.

  10. Dave says:

    arms hairy, praying to God he’s there for a cover up

  11. Casey says:

    Is “Orlean’s” spelled wrong, too?

  12. lobotomy says:

    Doesn’t it say Saint J?
    It could be a Green Day reference.

  13. Fallon says:

    Well it may be shitty, but at least the centering is good. Oh wait

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