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“High maintenance”

Filed under: Face tattoos

  • Am

    Because she won’t be able to get a job with her face tattoo. I’m sure she’ll make a good housewife though…

  • bob

    am i seeing that right? It says “high mEintenance”. Hitler reference?

  • John C

    What a douchette!

  • CJ


  • http://Uhh Max grean

    Uhhh Sweety? A few crack rocks and some dog chow now and then really isn’t all that high maintenance.

  • Holly

    Glad she pointed that out. Otherwise, I would have assumed she was a cheap tramp.

  • Angie

    The other side sayings utterly stupid!

  • Watertender

    I wonder if she has a tattoo on her lower lip saying “Insert Meat Here”?

  • fast eddie

    “low class”

  • loki

    more like low intelligence!!! (@bob, what are you smoking?)

  • bob

    loki, look at the a in maintenance, that doesnt look like an a to me. Looks like a cursive e. what are you smoking?

  • KJ5

    A red flag around that phrase would be a nice touch.

  • bean

    I actually appreciate the warning. But all the same…what led to that? lol

  • drm

    She’s a pretty girl. It’s a shame she did that to her face.

  • covarrubia911

    Important hint.. Make sure your tattoo artist know how to spell..
    Check out the spelling on Maintenance.. Perhaps he or she was Stoned..STUUUUPID!!!

  • loki

    Oh bob, are you one of those paranoid jews who see’s nazis every where??? lol

  • CJ

    Way to eff up a good face, woman!

  • A.W.

    I know this girl. She’s nice. The tattoo is not misspelled.

    Face tattoos do not ruin a persons looks. You just personally think they do.

  • Killer Tuna

    A.W. She looks like a complete freaking moron. Not just the stupid tat, that dumb thing in her nose.

  • billy

    Face or Neck Tattoos= Never To Be Taken Serious or Employ

  • mowgli

    I guess it must be pretty hish maintenance to put on thick foundation every day to cover up that shit on her forehead.

  • SayWhat?

    @max grean WINNER with @holly a close second!

  • D.

    She is a pretty looking girl who just wreaked her face by putting that stupid thing on there.

  • Jack Goff

    Come on people. You know all high maintenance people tattoo that on their faces.

  • murphys

    High maintenance, low IQ

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