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Hidden tramp stamp

Filed under: Random

  • Random User

    there are quite a few guys popping up in straight pron with tramp stamps. Kinda gross.

  • JB

    pron,, is that like Prawn??

  • Watertender

    This might be a tattoo from a night of drunken fun that went wrong. Somebody gets the bright idea to get a tattoo and the next thing you know you have a butterfly above your asscrack… That’s why you get a tattoo when you are sober and THINK IT OVER FIRST!!!

  • brad

    just being optimistic, so maybe its the bottom of a full back tattoo?

  • Mumashik

    “When butterflies fly out of my butt.”

  • BenVincent

    What “man” would get a butterfly tattoo? Maybe he isn’t very manly regardless of the work he is doing.

  • CanuckLulu

    Totally gay! Let’s be honest here, people.

  • me

    That is hilarious!

  • nicole

    someone watched to much how i met your mother…

  • http://yahoo barbara

    Why must one necessarily be “manly” to install flooring? Or any such project? I’ve done lots of remodeling projects with my dainty little feminine hands.

  • dirtydave

    i’d beat it up.

  • kat

    At first I thought this was a drunken mistake, but now, I think he decided to give the people lookin at his crack something pretty to look at. A distraction from his over exposed crack

  • Buster McThunderstick

    with a tattoo like that it’s amazing he gets to lay any carpet at all!!

  • Jack Goff

    Buster McThunderstick, it’s probably the only thing he lays.

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