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Hi grandma

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  1. John C says:

    Another useless moron!

  2. Lori says:

    yeah thats what I’ve always wanted!! a bunch of dicks tattooed on my forehead!! NOT! WTF??!!

  3. kim says:

    What a DUMBASS!!!!! Might have been a little better if it was a GOOD tattoo. That shit is just stupid!!

  4. jomama says:

    Such a dick head!

  5. gorillaglue says:

    why did she choose dicks? I mean, if you’re gonna tattoo your forehead, why not choose something better?

  6. Tazmom says:

    Safe to say she has penises on her mind all the time.


  7. I want sprinkles says:

    It’s a beautiful butterfly! No wait… On closer inspection… *screams*

  8. m says:

    At least nobody can make the statement that she will never get a job, she might be retired.
    But I really wonder what untreated issues she has???

  9. vomit knife says:

    Just goes to show you are never too old to make stupid assed mistakes.

  10. drm says:

    On Venture Brothers, I always wondered what The Monarch’s grandma would look like. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

  11. jeffm209 says:

    Well… At least it’s not a huge vagina on her back!

  12. DaniO says:

    Oh goodness! I just realized its Penis’!!!!

  13. toeachhisown says:

    I think I’ve seen pics of her elsewhere. If it’s the same woman, they were nude pics and she is tattooed head to toe including her vag, which looks like a spider web.

  14. Ala Carte says:

    Inna gadda de penis, honey!

  15. Sarah says:

    omg what????

  16. Waxenpith says:

    the plural of Penis’ is actually Peni.

  17. karrah says:

    granny took the term mushroom stamp to a whole new level…

  18. Josie says:

    Do you think she has a dick fetish?

  19. Fowler says:

    What a dick head!

  20. cajita-feliz says:

    Josie, when you’re a woman it’s not a “dick-fetish” it’s just called being “straight”.

  21. Jessica says:

    The plural of penis is NOT peni. In Latin, it’s the -us ending that is pluralized by changing it to -i. NOT the sound…the actual letters. Saying it’s ‘peni’ makes as much sense as saying two men named Elvis are Elvi.

  22. Me says:

    What a Dick Head!!!

  23. Ah Jeez says:

    Looks like an Occupy protester from SF.

  24. Alexx says:

    I would like a crown of penises please! But make it look like a butterfly! oh and also make it look like my granddaughter drew it.

    My tattoo artist would slap me

  25. murphyswax says:

    It’s sad to see an old douche that’s trying so hard to be hip…

  26. james murphy says:

    she can probably still hear the ringing of the gun ssssss ssssssssss sssssss hepatitas c

  27. Viper says:

    Or, she could be a terminal cancer patient who just doesn’t give a shit what people think anymore?

  28. c floyd says:

    Her is so purdy…..

  29. Gmmac13 says:

    It’s not so much that the butterfly is made of dicks…but there are 4 more all droopy off to the sides. WTF?? And why is the middle one squirting green stuff? I’m thinking that should be seen by a medical professional! Antibiotics may be in order.

  30. lulu says:

    look closer. there are at least 9 other wangs visible outside of the butterfly. And if those bother you, don’t look at the rest of her head. Oh and her name, Isobel Varley.

  31. JeReMy says:

    I think I’ve seen her on World’s Dumbest…she’s the most tattooed old woman….or at least she looks like her.

  32. genreslur says:

    I just read her back story — pretty awesome, intelligent seeming human! I give her seven-out-of-eight tentacles. Yum.

  33. sHy says:

    i wonder if she knew what she was getting or the tattoo artist was just being a dick. X3

  34. imagine says:

    Oh, Isobel. You will never make it as a Mary Kay lady.

  35. Schteveo says:

    Dick Head? Dicks Head? Dick Heads?

    Oh wait, now I see it. Stoop. Ed.

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