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  1. Tracy says:

    I liked the new Transformer movie too, but you don’t see me getting that inked on my back. If you love it that much buy a t-shirt.

  2. hockey_chick says:

    I will never understand why people spend obscene amounts of money on tattoos of things from movies. That is going to be a huge regret very soon.

  3. Candace says:

    A lot of people forever love things from their childhoods, and some might forget that Transformers isn’t just a recent movie franchise. It was a cartoon from the 80’s. If this person is fan enough to get that on his back, chances are he’s loved Transformers since he was a kid, just like loads of guys that have loved Spiderman or Batman since they were kids. It’s really well done. I doubt he’ll regret it.

  4. Daemon says:

    The only thing that bugs me about this tattoo, is that it seems a little off center.

  5. Da Neen says:

    What a nice use of cursive letters.

  6. mrwhyte says:

    The only thing bothering me is wtf transformer is that? Note the animal heads on the knees and chest. I love Transformers from back in the day and even Beast Wars from the 90’s but this guy is retarded.

  7. jeff says:

    its not a transformer – its Voltron
    a very bad voltron

  8. Kenri says:

    Oh man, I used to have these Transformers. They were so cool. I think they were sold in the late 80s. Also they might not have been American.

  9. JEFFisDUMB says:

    Jeff it’s not voltron it’s Predaking from transformers.

  10. vomit knife says:

    Nothing says”I am an a**hole” like having F**k permanently written anywhere on your body.

  11. pe'a says:

    Again no positioning .Shit tatt BTW .

  12. You make a great point. Got some intersting info here. I think that if more people thought about it that way, they’d have a better time get the hang ofing the issue.

  13. akvaryum says:

    The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

  14. Shoryuken says:

    Screw that crap! G 1 Devastator was the shiz!

  15. Don says:

    The real problem is the poor idiot does not know that is a Hells Angels tat. FTW is strictly for members, he better pray not ever to be sporting that around one.

  16. Mori Motonari says:

    It’s Predaking from the original Transformers. Not the movies. Get with it people. REal fans do it old school.

  17. adriel says:

    scare face has a robot GREAT

  18. Jay says:

    ……..It looks like a knock off of the Gaogaigar.

  19. jebus crispy says:

    lol this is actually power rangers you guys.

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