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He got this tattoo for his 22nd birthday


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  1. girlwatcher says:

    I hope he never sees 23. With any luck he has advanced syphilis like Hitler did.

  2. Watertender says:

    Outstanding! Nothing like announcing to the world that you are a first class douchebag. If he goes to prison he already has his group to join.

  3. Elizadeath says:

    Well I hope he’s really committed to being a nazi, because he can’t hide it now. What a jackass. But maybe it’s better that they do this, that way we can spot them right away.

  4. blackdahlia says:

    While this is certainly a douche-baggy thing to do, he has every right to do it to his own body. I know several people who have tattoos of this symbol on their bodies who wish they never got them. I am thinking this guy is going to end up the same way in about a year or so, especially with it now plastered all over the internet, for the world to see.

  5. jon says:

    He looks older than 22… meth

  6. Swank says:

    Welcome to the internet, chum – hopefully you use this as your profile pic, just to ensure a 0% chance of ever breeding.

  7. PeopleMakeMeSick says:

    UGH what an asshole! People like this should be forced to be sterilized!

  8. dangerous person says:

    well forced sterilization was something performed by genocidal folks inspired by hitler’s ideology…so maybe not say that. but yeah, that kid’s an idiot.

  9. kristina says:

    Take this guy and bring him into the south…does he know his.grandfather is probably turning over in his grave…the yahoo artist is no artist..the ones I go to wouldnt even touch thatone

  10. Ned Reid says:

    So, does he only have one nut to match that of his hero?

  11. commentersarestupid says:

    idiots should not make stupid bias comments based on their ignorance, this symbol was around centuries before Hitler and was symbolic in a lot of religions, Hitler used it because it represented strength

  12. murphys says:

    Future prison bitch.

  13. girlwatcher says:

    Yes, commentersarestupid, We’re well aware of that and you know as well as we do that’s not his intent. Incidentally, name ONE religion that used this symbol besides American Natives (and it wasn’t quite the same as this). You are indeed a stupid commenter.

  14. cureforfootinmouth says:

    The Nazis perverted the original by tilting it and reversing it. That version is common in the Hindu religion as well as Buddhism. It’s also found regularly in Shinto temples as well as a myriad of other cultures including the Druids and Celts. That being said, this guy was not attempting to relate to anything besides the Nazis and he’s a dumb-ass. If you point out other peoples foibles be prepared to be corrected

  15. Fritz Bauer says:

    So ein Arschloch. Den sollte man gleich eine in die Fresse schlagen. Und wenn er winselnd am Boden liegt und um Gnade bittet, sofort den Stiefel in die Eier. Drecks Nazi. Verpiss dich!

  16. Mumashik says:

    He plucks his eyebrows just like Hermann Goering did.

  17. Watertender says:

    What Fritz Bauer said!!! ShisseKopf too!!

  18. hutch1377 says:

    this ain’t no Hindu or Native American thing. this aryan poster boy is WP. hand down. first it’s rotated 45 deg and there is no context of hindu shit. dumb. he will get his. and yes – realize at 30 years old that he was just seeking family because his daddy abandoned him.

  19. cait says:

    what a piece of shit

  20. jack says:

    It would be easy to fill the rest with ink and change it to a diamond or something.

  21. Hammered says:

    Ed Norton wannabe.

  22. steven says:

    Happy Hanukkah!!!

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