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Guess the body part


Filed under: Random

  • Alexander


  • daye1967

    Looks to be just below right knee. Regardless, I’m not touching it.

  • AlfaCowboy

    Who cares? It’s on some fat ass loser brony (I know, redundant). Nothing about that person matters.

  • Lucy

    Oh look a black and blue BDSM pony.

  • TatsRUs

    Aer you guys kidding me?!?!?! This is obviously the right arm!!

  • Gat

    I’m throwing my lot in for outside of left upper thigh.

  • bean

    Whatever it is it needs to lose about 100 pounds.

  • karen

    If you look you can see the hand holding up the shirt on the back. It is the side.

  • Missy

    It’s a fat arm and ugly.

  • Hoover

    Inner right thigh…

  • Amy

    Some where that properly shouldn’t have that many pimples

  • Cactus

    At least it’s a G1 (80s style) pony, not those hideous Friendship Is Magic G4s.

  • Ned Reid

    It’s the part the Accutane isn’t reaching . . .

  • Lu

    I don’t know why but I see left side of the rib cage… Almost getting to the back… Any way it’s ugly

  • Tara

    But what is that hairy patch in the upper right side of the photo?

  • dirtydave

    dear lord i hope the scratcher that did that got paid heavily… right shoulder???

  • urbanpossum

    Goiter on the side of the neck.

  • Underhill

    Turn the picture and you will see its on HER thigh

  • Midnightguy

    Thats a knee I THINK??

  • Brittany

    right bicep of fat guy

  • smogzilla

    on the ham hock

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