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Gigantic Monster energy drink logo

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  1. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    First! What an idiot. Show the world youlike monster by drinking one. This tattoo just shows the world you’re a crazy idiot.

  2. Steely says:

    I was going to say this is Rob Dyrdek but I thought his Monster tattoo was in colour… Dyrdek got it because they sponsor him and he does wacked out stuff. To each their own.

  3. Dude says:

    Maybe he’s not just a customer but bought the company???!

  4. guy says:

    monster should sue him, just for some fun publicity

  5. Kuki says:

    Why not Pepsi or CocaCola? :-)


  7. Gilmore26 says:

    I think it’s pimp! Be cooler if colored in! That’s a big back peice!

  8. Trollllllllll says:

    It’s either a Monster sponsored athlete or a someone with poor judgement. Rob Dyrdek and Buttsy Butler both got massive back pieces of the Monster logo due to the company being their sponsor and what it has done for their careers.

  9. Loki says:

    nice hebrew lettering/numbers you got there. you do know that’s 666 in hebrew, right? way to go loser, carry on.

  10. pcfriedrich says:

    monster better be setting me up for life with their sponsorship, if I’m getting this tattooed on me. I’d want a contract valid until the day I die.

  11. ReachLocal says:

    That one is actually cool compared to the other 1000 misdirected tats on this site.

  12. vomit knife says:

    What a tool. Think I’ll get a full back tat for Cheetos, M&M’s or Folger’s, I don’t think I would be any bigger of a dumbass.

  13. […] guy really likes his Monster energy drinks Alright, you have this other guy beat. You win, you have the most wicked awesome Monster tattoo. Can we please stop this horrible […]

  14. Phendraana says:

    I do not get this trend at all. I love iced tea, like reeeeally love it, but I’m not gonna get the damn Lipton logo tattooed on me. Dafuq.

  15. AlfaCowboy says:

    I really like Total Raisin Bran. The difference between me and the Monster retards is, of course, that I simply enjoy a given product and its benefits. I am not retarded enough to be suckered by the advertising into personally identifying with said product. All this guy is showing is that he is a perfect mark for advertisers that want him to think he’s an edgy tough guy for drinking their horrible unhealthy product. I’m sure the little retard wears Ed Hardy gear too. Gods, but I live in a world of mental smurfs.

  16. squid says:

    Looks like the biggest effen stretchmarks on the planet! Or like maybe a pterodactyl shit down your neck.

  17. Jonny says:

    Every day this guy wakes up and steps out of his house, or cardboard box or whatever, there should be someone there to hit him in the face with a stick and tell him to go back inside. If that was a tattoo of pterodactyl shit that would be a thousand times better than I giant tattoo that proclaims ‘I’m an idiot’ to the world.

    And really!? there’s a ‘p’ in pterodactyl, wtf… oh ya, what’s the first sound? ‘Te’, ya that should clearly start with a ‘p’.

  18. Spydaweb says:

    Congratulations for having no taste at all, even for someone who is obviously brain damaged.

  19. Tub says:

    Pterodactyl will be the coverup for this masterpiece

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