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Original wifey tattoo

Getting a rapper’s name tattooed on your ass is always smart

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  1. Memor Obilia says:

    Rapper? I thought Lloyd Banks was a character in Caddyshack.

  2. Tim says:

    just checked u tube for lloyd banks music
    ok video but he has no real musical talent

  3. John C says:

    Stupid idea!

  4. Strange1 says:

    …while wearing granny pantys… too hot!

  5. Pspness says:

    BANKS! Fire, up in here.

  6. trav says:

    @Obilia. That would be lloyd bridges

  7. me20 says:

    lmao lloyd banks also just went bankrupt and owes ppl lots of money way to go

  8. notyou says:

    sometimes you have to feel a little sorry for the tattoo artists.

  9. gina lucaj says:

    Haaaha..I hi-five that shit..

  10. pcfriedrich says:

    Those tiny pink panties don’t look like anything my granny would wear…

    Does lloyd banks tell girls to tattoo his name on them in one of his songs or something?

  11. jimmy says:

    Crap, i don’t even know who Lloyd Banks is :(

  12. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    Either do I. I’ve never heard that name in my life. Other poeple said he was a rapper.

  13. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:


  14. Dave says:

    dumb ass

  15. Wild-Eyed Southern Boy says:

    AGREE…Mud Shark

  16. shitney says:

    1. this is my best friend 2. i took this picture 3. a pink lace thong is NOT granny panties 4. really do yall not have anything better to do than go around hatin on everything damn get a life 5. she LOVES llyod banks always has always will 6. i love this bitch !!! <3 <3

  17. geezer says:

    Coal Burning Trailor Trash SLAG

  18. SM says:

    @shitney I hope to god you’re joking!
    1. it’s on WTF tattoos, so either your stupid ass submitted this to be viewed or she did…
    2. she is wayyyyy to big to be wearing a pink lace thong/taking a picture with her fat ass hanging out
    3. no one is “hatin” it’s called being honest
    4. you’re the one with no life…
    5. no one knows who the hell lloyd banks is so way to go for scarring her body with that sh*t

  19. rando says:

    all i know is that because she did this, she got a retweet and a reply from lloyd banks and he posted the picture to his Facebook so she’s gotta be doing something right.. also i would just like to say that if i was as much in love with a celebrity as she was and by doing this i could get his attention and have him hit me up you could guarantee id be getting their name tatted on my ass as well.

  20. Fred Garvin says:

    I toured with Lloyd banks.. He ain’t all that and a bag of chips, I can tell you that..

  21. Mike says:

    Is your friend single? She’s kinda cute, has good taste in panties, and I can live with a rapper’s name tattooed on her ass…

  22. Jack Goff says:

    The guy is probably hoping to hell nothing crawls out of that fat ass.

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