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  1. Lothar says:

    50% Betty Crocker/50% Sylvester Stallone in Rocky II

  2. Doc says:

    I was thinking part demented Ronald McDonald.

  3. troof be told says:

    Looks like the queen of England. Or just a drag queen

  4. Jack Goff says:

    Looks to me like a drag queen who had the crap beat out of him and his eyeball plucked out of the socket.

  5. Oogie says:

    Bet he’s glad he found such an inexpensive “artist” to do that for him.

  6. Missy says:

    Has anyone noticed it’s nose looks like a dick?

  7. Tonto says:

    What in the living, breathing fu-k is THAT?!

  8. Bananaqt says:

    Picture of his boyfriend?

  9. jerry says:

    Maybe a new charactor on Bob’s Burgers

  10. Jerry says:

    Uhhh ….. ?

  11. Mumashik says:

    If Ronald McDonald and Leatherface had a baby….

  12. Stephanie says:

    I’ll be have a nightmare of this tonight.

  13. savannahjones98 says:

    WTF is this???

  14. bundens says:

    no really, i want to know…what is it??

  15. Amy says:

    oh ma lord… and this is why you do your research before just walking in somewhere to get a portrait done. Or any tattoo really. Cheaper is most definitely not better.

  16. marcusxxxxx says:

    all u h8n on me don now me 4 shit. this tats of my granma she in heaven now so shut da fuk up

  17. gothchiq says:

    In English, please. ^

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