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Gang baby

The owner of this tattoo writes: “This is my tattoo, I am 29 . This was supposed to be a pic of my baby but the “artist” decided to add a sideways hat and fur coat. I think it looks like a gang member not a baby now.”

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  1. Dan E says:

    Why in the world would you let your artist add in a hat and fur coat if it wasn’t in the pic you gave him?!?! Plus it’s a crappy tattoo, you should go somewhere else and get it covered up and then get a good tattoo of your baby.

  2. Debbie says:

    I highly doubt that the artist just decided to add a fur coat and hat but even if he did, the tattoo is in a place that you can easily see what they are doing…so why would you let them???

  3. Susie says:

    If he did it without your permission I’d consult a lawyer.

  4. Courtney says:

    I would serious hurt the “artist”

  5. Whatever says:

    Some “artists” are full of shit and just sweet talk people and then do whatever the hell they want. I believe it. Sad story. But hopefully next time you will do more research before you trust someone to put something on your body permanently.

  6. mrwhyte says:

    Doesn’t scream gang member to me. Maybe one of the pre evolutions of hipster. Either way I’d be pissed and demand my money back or something. Make sure you tell everyone you can the artist is a hack. We need fewer tattoo artist since that whore Kat Von D decided to mainstream tattoos to the point they lost all meaning and we have douchebags covered in them and they all mean the same thing. “Look at me and my mad tribal tats and chevy stencil jobs”

  7. Jessica says:

    Easily see? I think that’s the back of his shoulder.
    But I’d think he’d be wondering, ‘Why is it taking so long to tattoo one baby’s face, and why is such a large area of my back hurting?’

  8. syd says:

    You get what you pay for. Clearly not quality work. Tattoos are not something to try to find a deal on.

  9. Murph says:

    Gang member? No.

    Spanky from “Our Gang”? Maybe.

  10. SilentSkream says:

    You totally deserve to get what you have… You get a stencil before any work done.. You should know ahead of time weather or not your happy with what’s the base of your tattoo.. Your the tard that didn’t say NO to the peice before it was inked.. Anyone’s fault for any tatt done… Ultimatly your the one saying GO to that tattoo gun

  11. onesmoothfocker says:

    Not to defend the consumer, but are we all assuming this was a legitimate artist? Really… Artist implies expression, so maybe if this was an artist, thats what the saw… I spent over a grand for my brothers portrait… if they paid more than $10 they got hosed!!

  12. Dagmaar says:

    Al Capone , the baby years .

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