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  1. LaLD says:

    her belly button is a question mark and i see why.

  2. Joe McCabe says:

    that is also the old school Konami code from the old nes days

  3. lovelydarkness333 says:

    That IS the old Konami code and she is obviously too young to know that. I have to wonder if she’s even young enough to know what an original gameboy is. WOW!

  4. lovelydarkness333 says:

    “young enough” = “old enough”

  5. jdw says:

    that should look nice in 10 years after she pushes out 4 puppies

  6. Viper says:

    I’m thinking her dork boyfriend learned how to make a prison tat rig and branded her as his favorite pass time.

  7. LOLwut says:

    Should have been a tramp stamp but none-the-less its still a sexy tummy!

  8. VZG says:

    Geekdom does not have an age requirement. It’s perfectly plausible that someone old enough to get a tattoo knows the code.

    It would’ve been better off elsewhere, still (maybe she doesn’t intend to have kids)?

  9. Balls says:

    Question Mark Belly Button

  10. Snardley McFard says:

    The only thing left to do is Shave and tattoo, INSERT COINS IN SLOT.

  11. Vlad says:

    Not a bad idea, horrible execution. She should have gone to a reputable professional.

  12. chris says:

    Not konami code. that’s the name of the company. It was the 99 lives code for Contra.

  13. ChefRza says:

    Chris, It gives you 30 lives in Contra and it is the Konami code. The code was used in a few other Konami games. Look up your stuff before you post something brother.

  14. Timmy says:

    Come on guys, you can tell it’s just Sharpie. Jeez…..

  15. Kyle says:

    It’s the code for 99 lives on Contra for NES.

  16. huh? says:

    LOL chris you are right..i couldnt remember what it was but thats it lol

  17. nick says:

    No, its 30 lives.
    Yes, it is known as the “Konami Code”
    It works in more than one game.
    I wanna play that gameboy :)

  18. Oz says:

    Sexy gamer nerdy, also like the dot under the belly button that makes it look like a “?”

  19. riot says:

    Um she’s missing start fucking fail its up up down down left right left right b a select start hmm I wonder if she has abbacab a little lower

  20. Shon says:

    Clitoris combo.

  21. Trampus says:

    Oh everyone knows that damned code anymore, whether they’ve played Contra or not. It’s how you show that you’re a gamerfag.

  22. prettybyrd says:

    The “equal sign” would be select(bar button) and start button(bar button) consecutively.

  23. cereal says:

    That’s deffo drawn on with markers, you can see the lines in the coloring!

  24. Tasha says:

    Lol, nerd alert, and I’m not talking about the girl with the tattoo. In fact the only thing worse than the tattoo is the gamer losers commenting on it, lol.

  25. tarryn says:

    this is definitely my friend Avery. and shes 24, so definitely old enough and no her boyfriend didnt tell her to do it. and its not marker because its been there all 6 years ive known her.

    you people are sad.

  26. Invisible_Jester25 says:

    Nice concept, but shitty artwork. And that is one unique belly button… Is she the Riddler’s girlfriend by any chance?

  27. Chad says:

    Contra Rules

  28. marshall says:

    Plus it’s a code for completely arming a ship of Life Force on the SNES .

  29. LDUBS says:

    this was also a code that could be typed while on facebook and it would show some cool graphics for like 30 secs and the moldy peaches quote it in one of their songs.

  30. squid93 says:

    I would love to have a go at that game boy and insert my coins into her slot! So so sexy, lovely panties she has on too!!!

  31. jason says:

    must be a cheat code to eating pussy

  32. Cassandra says:

    Its from the movie Juno
    Up, up
    down down
    left right
    left right
    just because we use cheats doesnt mean we’re not smart

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