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  • Vaglover

    This man has given up his right to the benefit of the doubt.

  • John C

    This guy has given up the opporitunity to stay out of prison for more than a month at a time!

  • captain obvious says

    This guy has given up the opportunity to be taken seriously at a parent teacher conference.

  • weebs

    No this guy gave up the opportunity to be taken seriously anywhere.

  • batman

    least he can cover up the tattoos on his head by growing out his hair.

  • MannythePirate

    “FTW” this guy just gave up period.

  • omcone

    This guy has given up on ever having normal kids who will take him seriously.

  • Seen it all c.o.

    Aryan brotherhood tat for “forever truly white”

  • SchmellMaiInvisableNuutz

    yup…thats a good ol’ Idahoan right thurr..more info on this photo; this is off of my fave salons fb page. he and a friend of his went in and had their hair all “purdy’d” up…didnt see any tats on the lil homie though.

  • cheri

    From The Window identifying as ex-con

  • meaty


  • Phendraana

    Is that a Baleen Whale on his cheek…?

  • Xuchilbara

    Either a baleen whale or a vagina dentata

  • vomit knife

    Looks like he lets tattoo artists practice on him.

  • rich j

    now thats one BIG GALOOT!!!

  • Kala

    FREE THE WALES!!!!!! Hahahahahahah

  • Stagmummer

    For the win!!!!?

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