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From Dusk Till Dawn

Does anyone know what artist did this?

Filed under: Portraits, Tattoos of celebrities

  • mumashik

    That is one deformed revolver.

  • George P

    If I was getting a From Dusk Till Dawn tattoo, I would get Salma Hayek pouring tequila down her leg.

  • Somonez Mom

    the artist actuallly made Tarantino rather attractive, and that takes talent

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  • IpudoU2

    I like it, I think its cool. Its not something I would put on ME but I can respect it.

  • Missy

    Nice ink job but the actors don’t look like them.

  • Murderface69

    why is this even on WTF tats i mean does anyone know that some guns curve like that and its skin…its hard to work with…all im sayin is FROM DUSK TILL DAWN rocks and this shouldnt be on here.

  • Michelle

    I don’t see what the issue is with this tattoo at all!

  • Ashley

    This one is amazing. One of my favorite movies. I wouldn’t personally immortalize it on my body, but tattoos are subjective to each individual. The artist deserves much respect!

  • steve

    i think the artist may be nikko hurtado

  • marcii

    mumashik, there’s nothing wrong with the revolver. it’s called perspective idiot! it’s a beautiful tattoo. the quality of the work is amazing!

  • Angeline Mckew

    <3 i love this :D i want a dusk till dawn tattoo but cant decide whether to have something of the film or series done been a fan since i was 9 and im 25 now lol

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