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  1. BB says:

    Why, shee-oot! That thar is one nice tattoo, boy! I’ll bets that looks good when you’se outside, with yer shirt off, chugging yer Bud and smoking that Marryboro. Yee haw, boy! Yer the pride of the trailer park!!! You’se just fergot to have “White Trash Proud” tattooed underneath it.

  2. Mumashik says:

    Emblem of a country whose entire military might could not defeat a band of pissed off goat herds with 1950’s era Soviet hand-held weapons.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Only a dumb guy would get this,someone who feels they have to let everyone know how truly “American” he is.

  4. Oogie says:

    Hell yes; and screw these little twats that do most of the commenting around here. Spoilsports, balloon poppers, snobs and punks that think it makes them look like they’re some kind of big deal. They don’t have any pride in anything and never will do anything to be proud of, anyway. They’re probably on anti-depressants, have coping issues and low self-esteem, and hang out in their mom’s basements.

  5. jerry says:

    America!! F#%k yeah!!mumashik the problem with the conflict I think your referring to is the fact that we are trying to police the populace so we don’t punish the innocent. I guess if we destroied the whole region with every man,woman,and child you would consider us winners?

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