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Free Lil’ Boosie

For those not in the know, Lil’ Booie is a mildly famous rapper. He’s currently in prison, for (I think) murder charges and then threatening the judge who was hearing his case.

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  • pcfriedrich

    not gonna happen…

  • drm

    Lil Boosie apparently tried to escape from Jamaican prison. He’s got a real Jimmy Cliff thing going on, only in real life. If he get locked up again, it gwan be badway.

  • Loki

    that’s one ugly mofo!!!

  • mrwhyte

    And after they free lil boosie i hope he goes back to the ghetto and someone steals his k-car and yells at him “no snitch’n”. Also why does a gangsta have a punk star?

  • Xuchilbara

    Typical yard ape.

  • Hammered

    @Xuchilbara made what they thought was a funny comment but really shows that he is racist with a micro-penis or a large clitoris…depending on what gender Xuchilbara is.

  • Zlo

    Kill this guy and Lil boosie, start frying these gangster wanna be’s in and maybe all this gangsterism will lose steam!!!

  • Kat

    Wow I hate ppl that put free so n so wit happens if they r released? That’s gonna need a hell of a cover up

  • AKphilly

    Xuchilbara meant to say the more proper term “porch monkey”


    consider the source

  • #fukhaters

    all yu bitches are juss hatin cuz hes realer nd got more paper than all yu foos together.!

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