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  • Jami

    You sure that’s food? It looks more like “fooo” to me.

  • Ur mom

    The D should be an L

  • Tammy

    fooo is food now?

  • kiki

    If that’s a reminder to eat its not even on his stomach, anatomically speaking it’s on his colon so it should say “shit in progress” But I agree with the person who said looks like FOOL

  • missy

    Naw, it’s only a little snack.

  • Phendraana

    Something tells me it’ll be a small meal.


  • mrwhyte

    I’d like everyone to notice the obligatory tough guy tattoos on his shoulders. Aren’t tribal tattoos keen?

  • OMG

    A little classier than a tat that says ‘eat me’ pointing to his groin. Means the same thing, but it’s not as direct… what a moron.

  • CrackMan

    This guy is a classic dick sucker. Check out his homo facial hair art.

  • Josie

    I’m not interested in any little gummy worms.

  • smartaleck

    I think that tattoo is for the early birds who get the worm.

  • Adversary

    Well he is just offering to hand out Vienna Sausages…Roids+Tattoo that says food pointing to groin can only = Vienna Snacks….Hes a fag anyways…

  • murphys

    Well the idiot has a brazilian on his face… yet another gay muscle builder, surprise surprise.

  • ?

    where does he put food?? in his panties? if he won i hope he used the cash to cover that mistake up….lol

  • John Cleveland

    Hmm, his food seems to be when you pay $200 at some fancy resturant, but the food turns out to be a coin-sized piece of tofu with a glass of water…(steroids make your penis small)

  • Invisible_Jester89

    Sir, “sausage” and “weiner” are just expressions. Your dick is not actually that large.

  • Nicky O

    Big muscles, small dick and there the lesson ends

  • Justlooking

    I didn’t know Vin Diesel used to do body building before he became an actor.

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