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Filed under: Misspelled tattoos

  • Jay Converse

    She’s so pretty, and so screwed.

  • lazypadawan

    Why yes, she is famous now. Just not in the way she expected.

  • Watertender

    That would look great on a wanted poster!

  • Tiffany

    Lauren is beautiful but that sucks ass I never even noticed it

  • Dan E

    “Finaly Famous” and yet still very stupid!!

  • Jeff

    Stupid just like her , she’s nasty ad the real definition to ratchet just as her tattoo and her cheap clown face (; >>>>>> FinallyFamous

  • Corvus

    this is so very sad.

  • Matt

    I thought it said ‘Anal Famous’!

  • rayhaan

    photoshopped eyelashes lol

  • CanuckLulu

    But still stoopid! Duh.

  • France

    What I don’t get is why the tattoo artist didn’t say anything about it (unless he/she was clueless also) or she didn’t research the word before getting it done.. like now you’re screwed.. stupid people…

  • http://xxx embizzzle

    i personally think this tattoo is photoshopped

  • dirtydave

    i’d beat it up.

  • dirtydave

    whitest teeth i’ve ever come acrossed

  • wtf

    The level of blurring usually indicates an effort to disguise Photoshop. As to what has been altered I make no guesses.

  • Jason

    Wow, do these people not know how to spell or is this the tattoo artist that doesn’t know how to spell??

  • Astonished Sue Stupefied

    I thought when I first read it that it said “anally famous” Dogged a bullet she did with just the misspelling. Sheww

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