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Family portrait

Filed under: Portraits

  • DeDe

    Can we say CREEPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy

    Should’ve spent the money on a good dentist. And plastic surgeon.

  • Nate

    Should have been a crackpipe tatooed in there somewhere.

  • Stagefright

    They live in the hills that have eyes!

  • Danielle

    wow whats really WTF is if they actually look like that and it is a good tattoo…..

  • Vinyl

    It’s kinda like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…

  • John C

    What will that look like in a few years?

  • Lizzzzaaayy!


  • ashley

    Fugly kids…

  • Iced

    Good Tat, Ugly Kids…

  • Tates

    Good thing it’s on their ass. Or is that their arm? CAN’T TELL.

  • OMG

    @Tates: that’s actually a chest tattoo. See the nipple at the bottom of the picture?

  • Susie

    If the children actually look like that I feel bad for their poor selves. Either way, it’s a bad tattoo.

  • Loki

    Those kids have a long, difficult road ahead of them. Especially rat face girl with the multi-colored hair.


    looks like your family came straight out of the hell.. is your name freddy kruger?

  • Hammered

    The Butterface Twins!!!!

  • Jujubean

    OMFG! It’s the children of the corn!

  • erik

    Wrong Turn…the results of inbreeding…you decide..

  • waitwhat


  • Fddg

    Uhhh, deliverance?????

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