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  1. Elizadeath says:

    WTF is this trainwreck? The top words look like Hi3 man, the red flower look infected and covered in whiteheads, and who the hell is Betty Boop Kiana? Now, I have quite a few large tattoos, on my arms, chest, and back (all easily covered with a long sleeve shirt, but I’m self employed with an art business anyway), but what is this crap about with all these young people getting MASSIVE tattoos all over their faces? Are they all planning on making their lifelong income selling drugs or do they really think they will always be able to find a job in a call center or wharehouse? I hope someone told them those jobs have been outsourced. I’m all about individualism and expressing yourself, but I have seen so many young people on this site who have covered their faces with ink, it’s disturbing. I’ve worked in a tattoo shop, and we were pretty strict about not doing stuff on young people in places that can’t be covered up easily, and by easy I mean a simple shirt. Unless you are established in a career, you have NO idea what the future holds, and even then you don’t. Idiots.

  2. CrackMan says:

    I’d rather put another bumper sticker on my car. If I get tired of it, I can just remove it.

  3. Memor Obilia says:

    Betty Boop died? Thanks for telling me!

  4. Ugnaught says:

    Sure, Betty Boop is like 80 or 90 years old, but since she has never shown signs of aging, I didn’t think she was capable of dying.

  5. Loki says:

    @ Elizadeath, These are professional, life long PARASITES. In fact a job is the only thing they wont take!!

  6. Snake Plissken says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  7. pcfriedrich says:

    Face tattoos must qualify you for social security disability. That would explain the epidemic.

  8. Lili says:

    wtf Most people do this cause they can get disability if a certain % of their face is tattooed as it can prevent them from getting jobs, um HELLO they did it to their damn selves

  9. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    You can get disability for being fat, too. I was joking about getting it for face tattoos. Doesn’t surprise me, though

  10. A says:

    Wow, I wonder how many food stamps she had to trade for that one.

  11. ayn says:

    Betty Boop didn’t die, but Mae Questal, the voice of Betty Boop died of Alzheimer’s in the 90’s. Perhaps she was a fan?

  12. Phendraana says:

    @Elizadeath- I guarantee this bitch hasn’t had a job since shitting out her first baby. You’re looking at a welfare queen.

  13. Lurtle says:

    Do some of these people understand that tattoos are PERMANENT? Some of these are major trainwrecks, but the face tattoo is really bad…if done poorly. I’ve seen a few that look good, but it’s pretty risky.

    I have to say: just because this girl is black DOES NOT mean she’s on food stamps or has kids that she can’t feed. Lots of white idiots, too.

  14. shawn dade says:

    I knew this would transgress into some covert racist remarks.Now if this girl was white I guarantee that there wouldn’t be so many stupid completely ignorant statements about her being on welfare.I agree that she is a jackass but I don’t know anything else about this girl and neither do the rest of you racist assholes.seriously what is wrong with you people do you have something wrong with your DNA that makes you so ignorant and hateful.

  15. NoTatsForMe says:

    Sure this person is a short-sighted moron, but I am really shocked at all the racist comments on this (and several other) posts.

  16. Lynx says:

    think I must be short-sighted because the only remarks I see relating to colour are the last 3 calling others racist tbh I didn’t even notice the skin colour just the stupidity of someone who would ruin themselves like that – I think face tattoos are disgusting on anyone – shape, sex, size, colour is irrelevant – feel sorry for her silly girl

  17. Hitnwey says:

    If this chick was white I’m still be calling her trash who lived on food stamps. Leaches will leach, colour makes no difference

  18. Wild-Eyed Southern Boy says:

    I didn’t know that took EBT card @ the Tat Shop!!!
    As for you liberal dumbasses, you are the reason we have people like this living off of everyone’s taxes to include yours,,,that is if you work!

  19. AlfaCowboy says:

    What a dumb hooker.

  20. scal says:

    nice shot you funny stupid cunt

  21. Fallon says:

    I want to pop her cheek piercing like a pimple.

  22. Dave's Funny says:

    In the words of Nicki Minaj…You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)!!

  23. Elizadeath says:

    sorry to say but remember who brought the tattoo gun in.. white idiots like you dummy.. so dont talk ur bullshit cuz i have a facial tattoo and its been placed on my face as my HAWAIIAN CULTURAL band.. so before u run yo mouth read the facts before u start sum bullshit HOULE!!

  24. Jack Goff says:

    shawn dade, it looks like you and Lurtle are the ones throwing race into the pot. Nobody said anything about race until Lurtle starts saying people are being racist! Nobody said a damn thing about her being on welfare because she is black. They judged her for her tattoo, not her color. Seems like Lurtle is the one associating black with welfare in his/her own mind and projecting it onto everyone else here! Sure there are a lot of white idiots! Who said there weren’t? Aren’t over 90% of the people pictured of WTF Tattoos white?

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