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Elvis lives


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  1. Sir Loin says:

    Why does Elvis have Nancy Pelosi’s mouth?

  2. cfh says:

    Another example of an artist going way above there abilities

  3. Watertender says:

    Viva Lost Mindus? That does not look like Pelosi’s mouth because there is no toilet paper adorning it….

  4. bean says:

    Holy Shit. That seriously looks like a grade school student did it in crayon.

  5. Hammered says:

    Elvis’ hips are gyrating in his grave now.

  6. Tonto says:

    Oh, Dear God, why?

  7. CookieMonster says:

    Hello, I would like a tattoo of Elvis giving a blowjob to a black man with a skinny dick please. Also can you put a crappy looking sideways broken slot machine in as well? Thanks

  8. Lu says:

    Elvis lives…. aaaand also looks like Michael Jackson

  9. mike hunt says:

    Elvis after being dead for 20 years.

  10. tattooed granny says:

    I’ve seen shitty Elvis impersonators who look more like Elvis than that thing…..

  11. Frankendoll says:

    Looks like Hillary Clinton dressed as Elvis…

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