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“Dustin’s loss”

The perfect way to show how “over” your ex you are…

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  1. Bob the LumberJack says:

    How stupid can you be? Evidently, very!

  2. Riki Tiki says:

    That’ll show him ! Maybe instead of wasting her money on a bad tattoo, she should have had those nails done and gone out to find a new man !!!

  3. troof be told says:

    nothing says ‘im a good catch’ like a tramp stamp with another mans name on it lmao

  4. BB says:

    If she wasn’t stupid to get a person’s name tattooed on herself, she wouldn’t have needed the modification. Dumb kid…

  5. DrNo says:

    i think this was a coverup tattoo. Looks like Justin’s was situated just above her hoohaa, and she added Loss instead of having it removed. Still dumb.

  6. girlwatcher says:

    Does she need an Epilator, wax or just a good cleaning up? Yuck.

  7. dirtydave says:

    can’t lose what you can’t find… break out the clippers and a mach 3. i seem to have misplaced my car keys.

  8. I had a 6 guy cream pie says:

    Wow, every guy who goes down on her is gonna have to see another guys name every time. I’m thinking they won’t be sticking round for too long.

  9. Bob The Slob says:

    @DrNo – Ya think Captain Obvious?

  10. Hammered says:

    You have the ex’s name tatted on you…FAIL!!!!

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