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Double WTF

Filed under: Random

  • captain obvious says

    Kinda funny and original, and yea its WTF.

  • Rip

    very wtf

  • AJ

    Looks like Henry Rollins and Jim Morrison.

  • Cookoo4cocopuffs

    Henry Rollins and……… Danzig??

  • Trey

    Rollins and Joey Ramone

  • Dano

    NO… it’s Henry Rollins and Ed Grimley !!!

  • amanda

    idk i like it. its rollins and danzig right? thats not joey ramone!

  • AIMZ

    wtf was he on

  • weenOTSA

    Hilarious tattoo! It is a picture from a book called “Henry & Glenn Forever”.

  • Jacki

    Well, at least he got the grammar right.

  • Kevin

    My vote is Rollins and Glenn

  • Vincent

    I’m goin with Rollins and Danzig particularly since Glenn is short. Rollins appears to be wearing a Black Flag t-shirt as well.
    But seriously, wtf?
    The leg pimples are nice added touch.

  • notover

    it’s Rollins and TINY TIM!

  • Matt

    Shirtless and upsidedown cross= DANZIG!

  • Rob Benkovic

    No. this is Glenn and Henry. Theres a book on them (cartoon) , this is where he got it from.

  • CrackMan

    Very cool…can’t wait to walk hand and hand with you on the beach, stepping on piss clams. They will be looking like Statler & Waldorf (The Muppet Show) before too long…

  • Iggy Ferguson

    Very nice. I get why Glenn wants to be a unicorn of death, but why dose Rollins?

  • tom

    google “henry & glenn forever” comic book and you’ll know the answer to this mystery…

  • Lex

    Henry & Glenn Forever!

  • samantha

    This is actually pretty rad. I love Henry and Glenn Forever!
    You guys just don’t get it…

  • Mojo

    Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.

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