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Do the Dew

Thanks to Kyle for this pic

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  1. meaty says:

    That tattoo says, I will happily live in in my moms basement for the rest of my life.

  2. John C says:

    @meaty… I’m thikning a one room motel is all he will ever live in!

  3. Candy says:

    While its not a tattoo most would choose for themselves, obviously he really likes mountain dew! lol They should pay him some money for advertising :)

  4. Candy says:

    Plus that really had to hurt…

  5. Tammy says:

    it should of said don`t dew me lol

  6. Jordan says:

    This looks like a cover up tat.

  7. say what?!?! says:

    No bullsh*t behind the ear… dew me on the neck…and what is that on his chest?? This idiot is a walking ink blot.

  8. Vaglover says:

    He probably has to hold his head in that position or it looks a whole lot more stupid.

  9. Phendraana says:

    I do not understand the almost fanatical following that both Mt. Dew & Monster both have. Neither of them are even that good.

  10. AlfaCowboy says:

    “Pop punk tough guys with neck tattoos/Well if you guys are hard, then I’d rather be soft…”
    (Dropkick Murphys)

    A neck or face tattoo is a positive indicator for intellectual inferiority. Folks with them may be summarily dismissed.

  11. Popanator says:

    I like Pop. I am the Popanator.

  12. cal says:

    Who da fool now .grow that mullet cletus to cover that redneck and your shit inkjob

  13. mark says:

    What a douche.

  14. stu says:

    allthough i dont really like it as a tattoo its not bad ink i agree with vaglover prolly looks really stupid if he dosent hold his head like that

  15. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    DEWsche bag!! Pathetic cry for attention. Child of television and marketing. Bet that gets the ladies. LMAO!

  16. xXx says:

    I really like Mountain Dew but this looks like anticommercia;

  17. bigpapa says:

    This tatt actually looks good. Its by Josh Woods from Inkmaster. His color is the shit.

  18. Magggie says:

    i actually like this one. I love mountain dew.

  19. Sarah says:

    Actually he is very successful and makes more money than any of u. He also happens to get laid very often. I know cuz I’ve seen multiple women throw themselves at him. Hot hot women.

  20. magslovesyou says:

    This is actually a good tattoo. I wouldn’t have got it in that spot, but I like the quality.

  21. BK says:

    This is my tattoo artist. funny he ended up on here

  22. Baze says:

    No thanks.

  23. dan says:

    This guy is actually really nice. He’s done a couple of my tattoos in Omaha.

  24. kmt says:

    He’s an amazing tattoo artist so if he wants to put crazy shit on himself then let him he is good at what he does and loves his job so shut up talking about shit

  25. Jack Goff says:

    The Dew tattoo is the only thing that will EVER Dew him!

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