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Devil child?

Can anyone explain what’s going on here? Take your best shot in the comments.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like an extremely blasphemous picture of The Pope kissing the Spawn of Satan.

  2. John says:

    Zombie Pope eating a Midget Devil’s brains? You got me!!!

  3. SURFer says:

    What is going on with the Pope’s face? I’ve never seen anyone shadow a face like this.

  4. Danielle says:

    Really bad home-made tat…..that is whats going on.

  5. mothertrucker says:

    it looks like hank hills dad kissing a baby bobby devil

  6. k. stanford says:

    When sarah started out with “extremely blasphemous” I peed myself. Don’t take things so seriously. Then it hit me- it’s Pope Cotton and Devil Bobby. Mother trucker had it! F’in hilarious.

  7. Loki says:

    the pope and his master

  8. emmettsmommy says:

    It’s. the pope kissing the spawn of satan. Duh.

  9. J. Park says:

    Just another example of a pedophile priest. Oh yeah, and the kid has horns.

  10. Samantha says:

    Obviously Pope Benedict. That guy is SUPER creepy and they captured his likeness wonderfully!

  11. Kyle says:

    this one’s an easy one, WTF….they’re catholic! next question.

  12. Bmau5 says:

    It’s obvious enough here…the Pope IS Lucifer. Makes much better sense than Christianity…

  13. ricky says:

    A good example of stupid American evangelicals taking their hate on other religions.

  14. Ciara says:

    Looks like a pope molesting a demon baby….who is most likely a boy. Its cool, he’ll just get moved to a different church which he wnt mind cuz there will be a fresh batch of baby demon boys….or alter boys, he dnt discriminate.

  15. NiftyDucky says:

    Its the priests kid, obviously. I thought they only molested little BOYS. Prepair for THE TRUE POWER OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Dun Dun Duhhhhhh!!!! Betcha’ when the church sees this, they will stop and consider it, if they feel it may consolidate their power or wealth and especially if it will make brown people suffer.

    Oh, and SURFer, the tat owner is just plain dirty. I really didn’t know there were Catholic Rednecks. Oops, Baaaa means no in any language.

  16. Bill Ayers says:

    that’s Obamas Mamas tat…

  17. Emily says:

    I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be pointed commentary on the opinion that Pope Benedict embraces evil, probably beginning with the fact that he used to be part of the Hitler Jugend and later the German army during WWII.

  18. Snow says:

    When I first saw this I thought, “Oh, American Horror Story, The Devil was born!!!!, wait, this is just another stupid tattoo someone got when they were wayy too drunk for their own good.”

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