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Dandelions are actually weeds


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10 Comments to Dandelions are actually weeds

  1. Seems ok to me. I do not see any messed up spelling. Actually it is cute.

  2. Bud on December 23rd, 2013
  3. Are you saying a weed plant can’t have flowers? That’s absurd.

  4. Heh on December 23rd, 2013
  5. I like the actual dandelion, but the 50-year-old song lyric doesn’t really fit the picture.

  6. AlfaCowboy on December 23rd, 2013
  7. Rotten hippies!

  8. Stephanie on December 23rd, 2013
  9. The definition of a weed is a plant you don’t want your garden. Personally I like the dandelion leaf in a salad.

  10. Ken on December 24th, 2013
  11. I don’t know, but you have a noxious weed on your shoulder !

  12. Jerry on December 24th, 2013
  13. Actually,dandelions are not native to North America. They were brought over by the Europeans…as food!! So, they haven’t always been a weed.

  14. marcie on December 25th, 2013
  15. Even if the dandelion is a “weed” keep in mind, you can get an entire flat of “flowers” for like ten bucks at any flower shop…but weed…weed…weed…?…yeah, that costs hundreds of dollars per ounce.
    so even if you call something a “weed” it is possibly more in demand than any “flower” you can find.

  16. Doc on January 3rd, 2014
  17. Makes sens all that is left are weeds so he’s asking where are the flowers? If he had a flower it wouldn’t make sens what’s the point in asking the obvious

  18. alefredo on March 17th, 2014
  19. This seems fine to me.

  20. gothchiq on April 4th, 2014

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