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Cool story bro

Filed under: Misspelled tattoos

12 Comments to Cool story bro

  1. Wow mine too, but I wouldn’t publish it on my body!

  2. Nikki Sheppard-Summerfield on December 8th, 2011
  3. It would’ve made more sense if she’d have said “Battle Subs” people would’ve gotten the reference a lot easier … Oh was she not referring to being easy? Oh my bad!

  4. Ali on December 8th, 2011
  5. Yet another hipster/emo tattoo done with piss poor skill. Srsly go cut yourself and get it over with.

  6. mrwhyte on December 8th, 2011
  7. Wow, I would slap the crap out of my artist if I saw that awful work in the mirror. What was she thinking?

  8. Tabitha on December 8th, 2011
  9. I suspect that it is penis her battle ship is sinking…

  10. Bunny on December 8th, 2011
  11. Life is like a flabby breast…

  12. El Gordo Loco on December 8th, 2011
  13. I get why this tattoo bothers me so much. She is referring to one, “a” SINGLE “Battleship” (which also doesn’t need to be capitalized unless it’s supposed to be a poetic allusion to the game). Yet she says “mine keep sinking”
    KEEP sinking.

    If it were a fleet of battleshipS or a sequence of battleshipS such as replacing the last one every time it sunk, then “keep” would be effective. However with one battleship, it should be keeps. Mine keeps sinking.

    Man that’s annoying. Add an “s” for the love of God.

  14. cajita-feliz on December 9th, 2011
  15. My poopies float, not sink. They make the water fizz and taste delicious!!

  16. Popanator on December 9th, 2011
  17. I agree that there is a missing “s” from the end of “keep”, but more importantly; how many times can a single ship sink exactly? As a general rule, warships that have sunk usually remain so….

  18. WeezleRox on December 11th, 2011
  19. Yeah its an ugly tattoo but IS spelled correctly and appears to be grammatically correct as well. Perhaps there is more than one battleship in her fleet and they keep on sinking.

  20. Laurie on April 6th, 2012
  21. Laurie – you’re just as retarded as the recipient.

  22. Shan on August 31st, 2012
  23. looks more like the tattoo itself is sinking

  24. Jack Goff on November 27th, 2013

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