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Complete with hood ornaments

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  • MannythePirate

    WOW! The things kids today will do to get their parents to accept who they are and who they choose to be. I don’t blame the tattooer I blame the Mom and Dad that didn’t not give enough love to this, pig headed, egotistic, douche bag……Feel so sad for him. *sad face

  • Loki

    I think maybe he holds this arm up to the mirror, while he uses the other to. Oh never mind, what a sick demented freak!!!! Good luck going through life with that on your body.

  • Kate

    I bet he masterbates with that arm.

  • Tierney

    at least the tattoo itself was done properly. It’s not the best idea for a tattoo but at least it was a crappy tattoo done well.

  • loki

    That cunt is the best tattoo in the world.

  • jeffm209

    Talk about a Wizard-sleeve!

  • Meta

    What if this is on a woman?

  • Ashley

    What a pussy.

  • Michelle


  • John C

    That will be nice to explain to your future sprog… hopefully you will never reproduce!

  • duce

    probably the only pussy he sees in person

  • jaja bing

    lmao!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh my god! (whipes away tears from eyes). That’s funny.

  • shea

    wait till he gets older an his skin sags thats goin to look BAD!!!!!!!!

  • Xstokerx

    ive seen alot worse tattoos

  • Dave

    the art work is exceptional, the idea is original, the piercings a unique addition…not one I’d wear but to each his own.

  • hellonwheels

    This tattoo is a double threat, would be perfectly at home on dbaggin, lol i bet he makes a lot of money betting people in bars that he can lick his own pussy. On the other hand, gotta question any woman that might possibly be drunk/sad enough to sleep with him. Lol either way he loses in the long run

  • LT

    What a douche….I wish he would come on here and explain the thought process behind that one.

  • UncleAlex

    Where’s the anus?

  • waddanut

    “where’s the anus?”

    Wearing the tattoo

  • SoCali

    Why? Just, why?

  • Missy

    I like the art, not where it is placed.

  • Nansei

    He can’t get any IRL, so he got some on his arm and thus set in stone the fact that he will NEVER get any. REET.

  • Your Candy

    How to become very popular in prison! Way to think about your future!

  • ACPink

    I am utterly speechless! I don’t know what to say….

  • yourmom223

    i am a girl, and honestly that doesnt offend me at all, its well done and frankly awesome. tho seems like a weird spot. and should have a nice little bummhole right above it tho.

  • Annie

    nice looking twat, but..really?!

  • Dachsiegrrl


  • Jack Goff

    The only vagina he’ll ever have..

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