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Common misspelling

I know “fourty” is a common misspelling of “forty,” but any time you’re getting something permanently inked on your body, you really need to look it up.

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  • caligirl

    Is it really that common ? I’ve always known how to spell forty. If I were that dude I’d say it was on purpose.

  • Dano

    is that a dudes arm with chick fingernails ???

  • captain obvious says

    Lot fourty four in the trailer park.

  • OMG

    I’m sure the number and skulls have some significance to her, but that thing is HUGE. Could she not just have the NUMBER 44? Hard to misspell ’4′.

  • nik

    Still poorly done, but “fourty” isn’t an incorrect spelling it’s the Canadian and British English spelling. She’s probably Canadian?

  • teeko

    Fourty is the correct spelling. If you want to Americanize it then I guess that seems wrong. What do you think about the colour?

  • Kaytie

    Teeko — it’s not “Americanizing” it. We’ve had our own language (American English) for more than 300 years. Maybe take a linguistics class. Sorry about that whole, y’all losing the war thing. Build a bridge, get over it.

  • CrackMan

    That’s called wearing your IQ on your sleeve.

  • Emma

    When there’s more than one accepted spelling of a word it’s a little hard to claim that it’s misspelled?!?! It kinda makes you guys look like a bunch of idiots.

  • PJ

    To set the record straight:
    Fourty is NOT a British spelling of the word forty.
    I’m originally from the UK – transplanted to America twenty years ago. We never spell it that way unless it is being spelled incorrectly. It is a common misspelling in both countries.

    Fourty is not the accepted spelling anywhere. At least among educated people.

  • Jemma

    teeko, is right. in Australia (my country) Fourty is correct, as in Aus. Blond is Blonde. not that i really care though.. lol

  • longlegslouise

    Should have stuck with “44″… Go back to fourth grade…

  • holly

    IS EVERYONE IDIOTS I CAN CLEARLY SEE THE U IN FOURTY ok its cursive so its difficult but take a closer look at the tatoo

  • holly

    Nevermind i get it but still theres a u in four so theres obviously a u in four-ty see just add the ty :-)

  • mamm

    Thats how u spell it in canada..Cause we be badasses have to spell acouple words different…LOL

  • CliffyCliff

    Forty is the only number spelled in alphabetical order. (In English)

  • Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt

    44 men last night

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