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Come at me bro


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  1. gerlinde says:

    this is great! the long lost dog brother of tard the grumpy cat!

  2. Jamie says:

    What an idiot.

  3. Slenderman says:

    Looks like chewbacca with his hair up

  4. susan says:

    looks like the grinch

  5. starwars says:

    Looks like an Ewok…

  6. bullet says:

    Imagine looking at that – gives new meaning to doggy style.

  7. loki says:

    she has a beaver on her back.

  8. Shpadonkal says:

    OMG this is great!!!! We do “Come at me Bro” with our shih tzus to get them wound up. This is funny on So many levels.

  9. barbara says:

    Am I the only one noticing her weird scrotum hairdo?

  10. Tonto says:

    You can tell she’s read lots of books.

  11. muriel says:

    Shih Tzu from hell?

  12. Cookie Monster1971 says:

    Pull out and aim. If you squirt the dog in the eye, you get to f**k her again.

  13. ML says:

    Prepare your anus

  14. SoylentMEAN says:

    Bet she’s HELL at Martha’s Vineyard

    Seriously…she looks like someone’s Aunt Maddy

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