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Classy gangsta

Filed under: Random

  • MsStretch Sanders

    Classy…and done in someone’s house. What an ass.

  • Tammy

    MsStretch why do you think it was done in someones house?

  • LD

    No tattoo parlour has Ikea furniture..

  • Tammy

    She could just be showing someone her tattoo at home

  • CrackMan

    Well, when her man is kissing her feet, he can always look down and see who’s the boss…I, myself, would have spent the “Classy Gangsta” tab on a nice dinner for two…

  • Emily

    Oh, so you’re a creature of fantasy like a unicorn or a fairy? Since “classy gangsta” is one of the biggest oxymorons I’ve seen in a long time….

  • Kaytie

    Eww, she needs to clip that toenail. It’s starting to curl over like a sloth.

  • Missy


  • Josie

    If she thinks she’s a gangster, she is NOT classy.

  • honkeytown

    Fast forward 19 years.
    Child: Grandma, why do you have that tatooed on your hoof?
    ClassyGangsta: Cuz dat shiit is dope, yo! You betta aks someone.
    Child: What?

  • Loki


  • Dave

    I like it, clean art work…lol @ Loki who is probably right

  • kp

    Valet jackes are oh-so 5th ave.

  • AlfaCowboy

    Smoove B?

  • charlotte russe shoes

    This also led to Enzo Ferrari having requested for a bespoke watch – Ferrari Chronsplit – that was the first ever quartz watch.

  • Lady iris

    Yea, that’s really classy….

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