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  • Kevin

    Cunty? WTF lol ….. can you say “Whore”? ….. I am usually the last person to be judgmental on here but ….

  • drm

    Who certified this shit? J.D. Power and Associates? Motor Trend? Consumer Report? Ralph Nader? Throw us a bone, honey.

  • Cactus

    I thought it said “curly” at first. And are those little female symbols between the words?

  • Daniel (Dano) Little

    singin >>> she’s a lil bit Cunty, i’m a lil bit Rock n Roll !

  • virginia

    Oh good another ignorant white trash whore to amuse us!

  • http://mail cal

    Thick slut

  • Katie

    Wow…just, wow.

    @Cactus: The first one does look like a female symbol, but it’s a little hard to tell with the second one. I’m going to guess that it is though.

  • doc

    If it’s certified it must be true.

  • loki

    not sure what it means exactly, but it looks like it belongs on this person?

  • HandleBar Said It

    Hey! I been looking all over my neighborhood for one of those! Can you send this “Certified Cunty Nympho” over to my place in So CA?

  • omfg32

    I’m thinking it’s suppose to say “country”…what the hell’s a “cunty”?!

  • rudegrrl

    Why the hell would someone want something that seems to be offensive (I’m actually not sure what I’m reading) right on their chest? Lifetime of crew necks ahead.

  • Melba

    She might as well tattooed “REGRET” across her chest.

  • http://wtftattoos Jill

    Another misspelled white trash tattoo…. ridiculous!!! Seeking attention because her father didn’t show her enough love….

  • Spookie

    Wow now THAT’s classy…

  • murphys

    Yes ! now ceritfied to have STDs !

  • Cathy D

    Should’ve just written F***wit across her forehead and be done with it.
    Keep poppin those birth control pills luv!

  • Baldy

    I don’t believe it is a misspelled tattoo. C*nty is an oft used word here down under as yanks might use douche or jerk.
    I use it when speaking to mates and colleagues, for example, “Hey c*nty, we’re watching the game, come over.”
    I know the poms use it a lot too.

  • Stephanie

    You’re going to regret this,you know!

  • jack

    Jill, you may right.if so, blame dad,not her.

  • alaina

    actually, it is a good thing people like this get such bad and obvious tattoos so that the rest of us know to stay far away

  • CoyBrunette

    Gross… Not just the tattoo, but her old looking skin too.

  • Cait

    Cunty is a really offensive word! It’s not country misspelled!

  • g-nee


  • Ken

    That’s beautiful work! It’s meaningful to her and that’s all that matters!!! :p

  • Steve

    A certified what, a cunty nympho? Doesn’t sound very flattering so why have it as a tattoo dumb-ass?

  • Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt

    Probably has one down below that says “Fish Farm.”

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