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Can you spot the misspelling?

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  1. drm says:

    Derp. Is it the missing “L”? Well played tattoo artist. Well played.

  2. pm says:

    well… derp on the person too… they have to approve the stencil.

  3. Hat Har says:

    That would be the “I” that should be a “Y”. Can’t be that allergic if he couldn’t be bothered making sure it’s spelt right

  4. wearwomn says:

    the missing l is in allergy…… derp

  5. Kat says:

    @hat har, What are you on about? You need to go back to school and learn to spell yourself before getting on here and making a fool of how dumb you are lol.. ALLERGY has two l’s dip stick…

  6. Kelley Kelley says:

    Please tell me Har Har is joking? ALLERGY. With a “Y”

    While we are at it, it is SPELLED not SPELT.

  7. mkij says:

    lolrolflmaopmsl…. jajajaj funny

  8. The Dude says:

    Hat har was probably thinking it was “amoxycillin” not that allergy was spelled “alergi”. Actually… He noticed the missing “l” and didnt realize it. Look at his response again…

  9. CJ says:

    Some things.
    1) Erm, “amoxicillin” would be acceptable here.
    2) It’s spelled “allergy.”
    3) They spell “spelled” “spelt” in the UK.
    That oughta put a spark in your sparse, spartan minds.

  10. Loki says:

    it’s ok, most doc’s cant read any way.

  11. Prince says:

    this is myh fiances tattoo. Both she and the artist were so worried aout spelling amoxicillin that they didnt pay much attention to the spelling of allergy. She also got her money back for it

  12. Prince says:

    i missed the b in about. i can spell i just can’t type lol

  13. Heather says:

    Prince, darling you also misspelled “my”…but I guess that could have been a case of typing too quickly…they are close together. How unfortunate for your lady to have the tattoo permanently misspelled on her body…even if she was refunded her money.

  14. sjw says:

    whatever the mis-spelling, it does get the point across. It would make the health care provider look/think twice

  15. HandleBar says:

    I done misspelled allergy, woe is me
    I oughta be locked up, don’t ya see
    When I use the ink
    I really stink
    They gonna chase me, so I better flee!

  16. Soniadoor says:

    Well thanks for all the comments on my tattoo..I tried to get it fixed but the artist couldn’t fit the ‘l’ in there. I’d like to apologize for my fiance’s spelling lol. HandleBar thanks for the poem. Yea it sucks that its spelt wrong but in the end it still says what it needs to say :)

  17. WeezleRox says:

    Not a bad idea IMHO, and I am sure the message would be clear enough in a medical scenario… assuming the tattoo is visible before the medics consider administering?

    I have no idea about other countries but over here in UK we have various jewellery items, called Medi-alert, that are designed to draw the eye and inform of know situations such as Diabeties and various allergies.

  18. Klaus says:

    She’s probably allergic to all penicillin antibiotics. She should take them to rid the world of herself and that awful tattoo

  19. D. Snyder says:

    Spelt………lol what an idiot !

  20. darrell says:

    That look infected… Better treat it with an antibiotic like amoxicillin….

  21. MK says:

    That is a GREAT idea for Medical Allergies! (This tatt can be fixed anyways) It wont fall off or get ignored like a medical bracelet can.

  22. tonya says:

    Hey, I think it’s a GREAT idea! I have nasty reactions to Biaxin and can’t wear loose or dangling jewelry [such as bracelets/necklaces] to get the warning across. It can seriously be a matter of life or death.

  23. Dre Dre says:

    @ D. Snider, in the UK “spelled” is “spelt”….

  24. Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt says:

    Well I think it serves its purpose even if it is SPELTED wrong. It’s not like the person is going to be laying there dying and the paramedics go to give him/her anoxicillin and they notice the tattoo and that it’s SPELTED wrong and they stop everything to point out and discuss the SPELLEING of the tattoo as the person takes their last breath and dies.

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