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Bought himself this tattoo to celebrate getting his G.E.D.

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  1. EmmettsMommy says:

    Maybe those are his initials

  2. Xxxx says:

    Its a record label

  3. Samm says:

    The chances that he meant the record label are slim, otherwise he’d be smart enough to know that most people would think he meant the education path

  4. DAN says:


  5. Lolo says:

    Why does the shading around it look like stink lines?

  6. Memor Obilia says:

    Limiting one’s self to a GED really is like losing money, so I find this tat prophetically insightful and contemplative.

  7. Loki says:

    HeHe, His dollars are falling out, lol. Greedy A$$

  8. pcfriedrich says:

    a GED. you’ve graduating from only qualifying for minimum wage jobs, to qualifying for, well, minimum wage jobs. Congratulations. Now, go get that money!!!

  9. katie says:

    hahahaa this is kinda funny tho

  10. NoTatsForMe says:

    Know how some kids will leave a bag of dog poop or used toilet paper on someones doorstep, setting it on fire and ringing the bell? Same idea here, but with $-Bill toilet paper, thus the stinky lines around it.

  11. murphyswax says:

    Yeah right, now he can get a job at Wal Mart or macdonald’s and start making some real money… to buy more tats.

  12. captain obvious says says:

    You know your hood when getting a GED means get a tat and makin’ bank.

  13. Jennica says:

    Maybe it’s get er done!!!!

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