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Born in 1993

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  • Watertender

    Nice.. A well used bunghole. Probably very well used!!!

  • dookie

    yech. made me gag. trashy tattoo for a trashy skeezer.

  • Elizadeath

    Lame tattoo, completely pointless, and she will seriously regret that. She’s what now, 19 years old? Yeah, and she had that tattooed on her ass? She is going to REALLY regret that.

    On the other, I feel kinda old. I was 16 years old in 1993.

  • Slave

    I feel sorry for the artist in this case. You couldn’t pay me enough to concentrate that long on this skank’s ass!!!

  • El Gordo Loco

    Must have been what killed River Phoenix

  • Skanky

    So did she get into the anal business in 1993 or is that the year she was born?

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  • Athena

    This tattoo is trashy but the work is shitty to. This artist did not know how to ink. I love art and i have plenty of ink myself but that shit aint art… its i need attention so guys can use me

  • Twystyd


  • Kayla

    I was born in 1989, and a girl born in 1993, getting a skanky ass tattoo, makes me feel old lol.

  • guest


  • JaneDoe

    Give her 20 years and it’ll look like the remains of a deflated helium balloon.

  • J Dub

    I like the way you can see the skin darkening around her anus…

  • hmm

    isnt that the ‘bad girls club’ logo?

  • Takexi

    Gross. I was born in 93 and I’m ashamed of my generation… bunch of skanks.

  • Monkey

    “Skin darkening around her anus”…. Obviously you have been watching too much porn. I know anal bleaching is the new useless “thing” but it ain’t that usual yet, especially with cheap skanks like her.

    But I agree, the tattoo is horrible.

  • Carey

    why would you ruin an amazing ass with a REALLY BAD tattoo? Its beyond me….

  • Ken

    That’s beautiful work! If it’s meaningful to her that’s all that matters! You don’t know anything about tattoos!

  • mike

    So nice I can almost smell it through the screen. *Puke!*

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