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  • actiongirl

    Ummm… BORING and THAN…


  • FIona

    Well, if imperfections are beautiful…then I guess this tat is a beaut! The cursive writing is awful…all the ‘o’s look like ‘a’s.
    How is it people have not learned to use spell check yet??

  • Marcie

    @actiongirl “than” is used correctly here.

  • loki

    think that up all by yourself did you? not impressed, LOSER!!!

  • Emz6ix

    @Marcie, @actiongirl was pointing out that it should be than as it has been tattooed a thar and that boreing ia also wrong and should be boring. Just saying.

  • BB

    It looks like it says “absalutely” for the first one. A cursive “o” comes off the top of the letter, not the bottom like what is tattooed.

    Thar it is! A tattoo that states about imperfection and is a shining example of it. Lol!

  • OnlyInAlaska

    This girl was on my Facebook before I pointed out her spelling error. She tried to say that it was olde English!

  • Watertender

    I think you are right Only In Alaska but she left out one important detail. It was Olde English 800 that they were drinking when they did this fine piece of art…….

  • bean

    And now you have the stupid facebook status of a 13 year old girl permanently affixed to your body.

  • amanda

    oh, so close.

  • queenb

    well, at least they got the “it’s” part correct……

  • James


  • Meow

    It’s supposedly a quite Marilyn Monroe made

  • Meow


  • adam

    clearly the tattoo is the imperfection – and it is not beautiful whatsoever.

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