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Blame Canada

From Nova Scotia, Canada: A 48-year-old man who escaped from a Sheriff’s van Wednesday morning is back in N.S. Department of Justice custody. Thomas Arnold Jones slipped out of the back doors of a Sherrif’s van en route to Dartmouth Provincial Court at around 9:30 a.m. He eluded authorities for about four hours. (Full story)

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  • Vaglover

    Apparently its a little hard to blend in to a crowd when you have BIG DUMBASS TATTOO on your forehead.

  • Netjnke

    He must have told the guy … just tattoo-in my wrinkle lines

  • John C

    Face tattoos say I can never have real employment!

  • nell

    Is that his brain????? ahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  • Jalo

    that’s hot

  • LP

    How clever and cost effective of the Canadians to use a mirror so that they only have to get one shot!

  • Meredith

    sucks when you fall asleep in prison

  • meaty

    wow, thats clever, wtf is it?

  • ElJefe72

    I thought Canadians used the metric system.

  • vomit knife

    Honestly, sheriff would it have been THAT hard to issue a shot to kill order when you discovered he was missing?

  • Eric

    I think he was trying to to evade the authority by going as Chakotay
    from Star Trek Voyager

  • Jess

    I am from Halifax and I saw the pic of this guy escaping! I love this website and its crazy to think that this guy from such a small part of the world made it on here! But then again, look at the tattoo.. Glad to hear they caught him. What a creeeep!

  • Brandie

    It looks like a butterfly wing….real manly, he must have someones b@#ch in jail!

  • Dagmaar

    As a Canadian , I have only one thing to say……SORRY .

  • Mrs. Jones

    He did that to hide from the authorities after choking and promising to kill his wife. He’s such a brilliant a$$

  • Ex Mrs Jones

    I meant the ex Mrs. Jones……

  • Captain Spaulding

    Full story my ass. The link doesn’t go to the story.

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