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Black & Yellow

Filed under: Product placement

  • Josie

    Yeah, Go STEELERS!

  • Justin Hale

    I like it. Go Stillers !!!!!

  • Catherine

    GAY AS HELL! The Steelers suck and have a rapist as a quarterback.

  • Krista

    @ Catherine ..are you from cleveland? baltimore or seattle?? LOL

  • PghGuy

    This is a wtf pic? how so? this is actually classy. hit a neighborhood bar here, plenty of wtf to go around..

  • cassie

    Steelers suck seattle superbowl (XL) was rigged…super gay douchey tat

  • CaptainAwesome

    As a Pittsburgher, I am 100% unsurprised that this exists as a tattoo, so the WTF factor is kind of lost on me.

    Also, you all can keep on whining about losses that happened 5 years ago.

  • Snarky McSnarklepants

    Ummm….is he aware that the team does not return his feelings?

  • Dave Patterson

    Is this guy living in pittsburgh? I swear I saw his story on as an ex-pat. If he’s from pittsburgh, but left I think it’s a great tat. Go Stillers!

  • PinkiePie

    Nice….the ONLY dude on this site i would do….i’ll be lookin for this back…:)

  • metalgirl

    ummm if you goes are steeler fans, how come you guys cant spell steelers?

  • Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt

    Is the logo supposed to be an oval?

  • Doc

    Another tattoo on someone who had nothing to do with the team winning.

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