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“Big money”

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  • Scott

    She’s a redhead, everyone knows they crazy bitches

  • mojito

    I’ll break that $100!!!!

  • Bob the LumberJack

    That’s not gonna be very nice after she gains a few more pounds!

  • Jazeebelle

    Mo money… mo problems… a whole $#it load of em…

  • Funk Biscuit

    Close call…hard not to want to hit that plump ass though!?

  • Chris

    Someone is gonna come into money!

  • Watertender

    Ben Franklin is gonna have bad breath & if she bends over far enough his mouth will be sideways with a hell of a goatee!!

  • Mr. S

    nice and thick ginger,too bad she ruined that donkey with those ghetto ass tattoos.

  • bubba


  • Bill

    Chris and Watertender – loved both your comments

  • Brandy

    Such a shame to see a hot body covered in shitty tattoos. People need to go to good artists. Come on!

  • loki

    100% MUD SHARK!!!!

  • Sutherai

    While I agree that the body is appealing, the inherent skankyness of this girl is apparent, therefore I will not join the train of people wishing for sex with her. I would however watch some porn with her in it, that would be fun.

  • elmomd

    Why do you ruin a good picture with a blur. How are we to see the detail of the tat.

  • The Karma Hoser

    She’s the pride of her Public Housing block!

  • dang

    whats this models name??? IS SHE IN PORN

  • vomit knife

    Where the hell did she get that tat, across the kitchen table?

  • Chris M


  • AJ

    If she got butt cheek implants, would the money be counterfeit?

  • gk911turbo

    does she have a facebook???

  • jimbo57

    The pride of Southie…love that fat Irish ass!

  • MikeHock

    What a shame to ruin such a nice ass with that ghetto tattoo mess!!

  • perr0x

    that’s a huge bitch!

  • Caylin

    I love how I’m the only one who noticed she appears to be standing in front of a storage locker…nude…using her shorts to boost up her booty…HAHA

  • wtf

    She ruined herself. She was the president of the secret hot girls club til she did that.

  • g-nee

    i guess she won’t even have to tell her clients how much, they can see for themselves… hahaha

  • Jack Goff

    fat ass

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