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Filed under: Face tattoos, Product placement

  • Bette

    Yep. A true, classic WTF tattoo.

  • Cathy


  • Tanaqueesha

    I’m more offended by the horrible fake eyelash application….

  • Me2756

    Wtf is right but maybe that’s her stripper name :)!

  • kimberly

    Easily read when she’s on her back. Ironic.

  • John C

    The stupidity of this is beyond me!

  • manhattan

    I take my eyes off of her dark side burns!

  • manhattan

    **Can’t take my eyes off her dark sideburns….

  • Melissa

    not sure that’s a chick….

  • Molly

    Didn’t know barbie had sideburns.

  • Jacen A

    how cute… :P

  • Kelley Kelley

    From the horribly applied fake lashes, the scar on her face and those terrible sideburns that she forgot to bleach, I’m at a loss at what to look at?

    The tattoo looks good, but why the hell would any woman get a tattoo on her face?

  • Loki

    ladyboy? A sad self hateing freak for sure…

  • Chris

    That nasty face tat might finally scare off her “customers”.

  • J. Scott

    Oh, her poor mother.

  • jimmy

    I really-really hope that’s fake.

  • Zach

    Her sideburns are thicker than mine.

  • Kat

    Doesn’t make the ugly hag look any better, can’t even put fake eyelashes on properly..

  • jeffm209

    Too much a coward for actual suicide, so she went with social suicide.
    What a mess!

  • gigi

    she must harbor a lot of self hate.

  • burt

    What have you done!?!?!?! Did you not think your ugly hair and amateur sloppy makeup were hideous enough??!

  • Dan America


  • Lisa

    What a skanky looking bitch

  • Megz

    suits her well. shes looks like barbie… <—–sarcasm

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