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Bands will make her dance

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  1. Anonycoward says:

    Does Beavis have a sister or did he get a boob job?

  2. Lothar says:

    and… someone thought THIS was a good idea?

  3. Swarley says:

    “Alright Bro, here’s $23 and a picture of my stripper girlfriend – let’s make this happen!!”

  4. Watertender says:

    Much more sophisticated than a poke and stick heart with MOM in it. I am sure the tattooer, the tattooed and the model for the shitty ink all have missing teeth and nicotine stained fingers…..

  5. Vinyl says:

    I love how her tit is saggy enough to be thrown over her arm.

  6. jack says:

    Looks primitive, like on a caveman.

  7. hutch1377 says:

    haha – i thought of Beavis right away too. this is horrible for a free tattoo

  8. queenb says:

    WTF is the matter with her arm? And the top half of her body is huge in proportion to her lower half. This whole tattoo is effed up.

  9. Mark says:

    I’m guessing this was done free handed? Wow great job! You just earned the Golden Dogdick Award for a shitty tattoo!! Congratulations!! xD

    Some people aren’t ment to get tattooed or do tattoos.

  10. Mari says:

    nice knee

  11. Ela says:

    This is obviously Dale Gribble, in a wig, with falsies, pole-dancing. Get with the program, people.

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