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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    That’s the way all white supremacists should look like…beaten all to Hell!

  2. dumbsupremist says:

    looks like he got what he deserved.

  3. MannythePirate says:

    The curve on his nose is amazing to look at. Buhahahaha!

  4. notveryflyforawhiteguy says:

    Looks like buba got made into somebody’s bitch lol

  5. Katie says:

    Wow! That’s when you know you’ve made some poor life choices. I bet he’s nowhere near as old as he looks!

  6. justjim says:

    More like ” Dumbass Alert.”

  7. Netjnke says:

    They dotted his eyes.

    What a nose job lol

  8. drm says:

    I’d wish him good luck on the outside, but he looks pretty career prison. Still trying to figure out what’s going on with his eyes.

  9. Loki says:

    Hate crime! oh, that’s right he’s white. Never mind….

  10. Meaty says:

    Colonel klink got jacked

  11. John C says:

    Hi… I’m an idiot that gets inappropriate tattoos to my face! Please beat my ass!

  12. Missy says:

    He is sad on so many levels but I would not say that to his face.

  13. helena says:

    There is nothing you can tell this man to change his mind, I can see in his eyes he’s already been told twice.

  14. OneBadAzz says:

    Is That Suzanne Summers?

  15. mrwhyte says:

    Anyone else notice this was posted a long time ago? Least I am pretty sure it was posted twice on this site. Might be thinking of another.

  16. What says:

    What makes you thing the dude he kicked the black out of is not worse off?

  17. Snarfingmaterial says:


  18. Ron says:

    Someone needs a hug:(

  19. Jenn says:

    That is one scary looking mofo. Looks like his face made some contact with the business end of a mag light

  20. judi says:

    is this guy dead? he looks dead or worse than….

  21. Trish says:

    He looks dead!

  22. christian says:

    looks like a meth head

  23. Hairgrrrl says:

    I can’t “unsee” this. He’s freaking evil looking.

  24. Heywood Jablowmie says:

    Looks like a two time loser who got what he had coming to him. I wouldn’t mind getting a few shots in myself

  25. Chris says:

    Sad… just sad. Hopefully he’s been put out of his misery by now. I knew a couple of guys like this. They were beaten and abused growing up, and once they reached adulthood they just hated anyone different than them. They learned their values from their Dad when he beat them and told them they were useless. One of them is a drunk now, and the other committed suicide.

  26. Mike J says:

    Eloquent testimony to what racial supremacy is all about: ugliness, violence, and stupidity. He also looks like a closeted homosexual.

  27. Invisible_Jester89 says:

    What in the Hell is wrong with his eye? And his nose? And his whole entire face?

    I REALLY hope that some big burly black ex-con did that to his nose. 😀

  28. NANCY REAGAN says:

    I must say this is sad.
    no, ya shouldnt be racist
    NO you shouldnt advertise it with a Tatoo,
    and NO you shouldnt attack people who look like him EITHER
    – you know who you are, but you are more racist than he is.
    you fake liberals need to sniff somebody elses asses a little bit

  29. Lynn says:

    Looks about right to me…..and jester, i totally agree. I hope so too lmaoo

  30. ZomBoyd says:

    He deserved worse…worthless trash…

  31. Mama J says:

    This is literally the scariest looking person I’ve ever seen.

  32. derek says:

    Goodmorning, sunshine. Isn’t it a lovely morning?

  33. buttholesurfer says:


  34. Dagmaar says:

    Hey , is that a picture of you , Loki ?

  35. Gunny Ru says:

    Look at ur new basket weaving instructor

  36. Esmee says:

    Picasso-esque nose..

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