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  1. Rip says:

    I like this tattoo

  2. Mimi says:

    I think it’s clever and funny!

  3. John C says:

    Some day this will have to be explained to their kids!

  4. Debbie says:

    I wouldn’t get a tattoo like this, and would try to talk a friend out of it but it’s still pretty damn funny… lol

  5. Mickey says:

    I like this one, I’d probably laugh my head off if a friend showed that too me!!

  6. Lance says:

    where in hell do these people come from???

  7. Aria says:

    I kinda like it!

  8. Kate says:

    Lol I love it.

  9. Justin Hale says:

    Gotta agree with many of the comments. I like it, well done !!!!

  10. Whatever says:

    I like it because it is nice to be warned: “Don’t let me impregnate you.”

  11. Alicia says:

    It’s a great piece. The work is nice … Not my choice on the topic but it is well done. Not like some of the scratcher crap you see on here.

  12. patty says:

    I like this too!

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