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  1. TwstdChk says:

    YOUR is you possessing something
    YOU’RE is you are something…

    People are retarded … go back to the 3rd grade before you get something tattooed on you.

  2. LOSERS says:

    Looks like a fat chick with some real cankles.

  3. Tyler says:

    If only more people knew the difference…meh.

  4. Grammar Police says:

    Please, dear God, tell me this bitch isn’t allowed to vote.

  5. Riahh says:

    Wow! If that happened to me I would be pissed! That chick made herself sound stupid.

  6. El Gordo Loco says:

    you’re tattoo lets us know your an idiot

  7. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    She does vote. Democrat.

  8. jockeyshifter says:

    Some people are just stupid. You can’t help them anymore. You can try, but usually stupid people, when shown that they’re being stupid, act stupidly and resort to violence. And again, for the victim of this tattoo (and YOU’RE a victim to YOUR tattoo (see the difference now? It DOESN’T mean the same thing!) Your and You’re do NOT (KNOT?) mean the same thing. Think of the word YOU’RE as actually two words…it means, you are. The apostrophe denotes (means) the missing “a” in are. So now you know (no?) (Damn, I feel like I’m teaching Grade 4 English again!)

  9. jockeyshifter says:

    I sincerely hope his next inking does not look something like….”Two My Mother…My brother and I, the too of us, no that you love us, and we just want you to no, we love you to”. That’ll be another lesson in futility, explaining to him the differences in juxtaposition of two, to and too, as well as know and no.

  10. jockeyshifter says:

    I was a sign painter for 32 years and was a very good speller, but I always checked before I painted. The only thing worse than a signpainter who can’t spell, is a tattooist who can’t. You can always paint over the sign.

  11. F.U. says:

    listen two jockeyshifter, kids. he no wut he be talkin bout.

  12. EmmettsMommy says:


  13. Spacegeek Nat says:

    hehehe Oh, you guys! Your funny. Their’s nothing I can add two make the comments more amusing! But too echo the guy above me, Dumbass. ::slap!::


    ps: it really, really hurt to type that.

  14. slackerkat5 says:

    You guys are worried if she will vote? I’m more concerned about her breeding. We already live in a state of idiocracy as it is, no need for this gem of a person to add to it.

  15. tim says:

    Stupid people piss me off.

  16. AlfaCowboy says:

    The width of that hairless ankle makes me think that this horrible tattoo was affixed to a very big girl.

  17. vomit knife says:

    How many of my tax dollars did it cost to put that tat on that waste of food, space and air?

  18. APink says:

    I love how these idiots get tattoos of sayings to try to make themselves look smarter than they really are. I know they aren’t too bright, because they can’t get it write (mispelled on purpose). As someone said if she can’t get your and you’re figured out, she needs to go back to school. But I’m sure she feels she doesn’t have too because the government is paying her way.
    I have 5 tattoos, each having been done by 5 different artists, each one has asked me “is this how you want it to look?” And I ask they’re opinion, and discuss changes to make it look better. I’ve never had words tattooed on my body, but I were, I’d be sure to type them into a program to spell check and grammer check just to be sure.

  19. jeffm209 says:

    Stupid hippie! And, she probably votes! Arugh!

  20. F.U. says:

    get em Agnu! Arugh!

  21. Lette says:

    I just wanted to make one observation about the comment that this idiot girl probably votes Democrat. Last I checked all the back woods hicks misspelling Obama “Abama” and racist “rasest” in their picket signs voted Republican. Now that the field is evened out let’s play nice. There are dumb people in all walks of life. Some really smart people can do really dumb things. Lets not stand for these unrealistic labels in society anymore. Then we can focus on the real issues, like the decline in our education system. Thank you!

  22. Alexx says:

    aww c’mon lette. It was a joke. I’m a democrat and thought it was amusing. Although, I suppose most people who are this dumb, don’t know the difference between democrat and republican, so they just vote for whatever they’re told to vote for, and as they are retarded, they probably get told to vote democrat… it would just be a lot easier on them.

  23. Kaytie says:


    Actually, those are just the people that the liberally-owned television stations choose to show. Because, you know, if all of you had to actually recognize the existence of those of us who have put thought into our views, can appreciate both science AND religion, and have the intelligence that comes with obtaining advanced degrees, your psyches might crack from the bursting of your “all Republicans are stupid and they think x, y, and z so I am soooo much better than they are” bubbles. Or you might just have a kicking and screaming tantrum à la Joy Behar, and those of us who aren’t busy KILLING our children already get our daily fill of those.

  24. Lette says:


    Maybe you should fully read someones comment before making a superfluous statement. I said that there are dumb people and dumb behaviors from all walks of life. And that we should be more focused on important issues like the obvious decline in our educational system. But thank you for farther proving my point that people in this country would rather point fingers than deal with the real issues.

  25. Samuel says:

    Did any of you guys experience love at any point in life? How can you say so many hateful things about a person that got a bad tattoo? It’s incredible. And strange

  26. Kim says:

    Lette needs to chill out , and remember that she’s commenting on a picture of a fat chick’s ankle that has misspelled words on it . This isn’t a debate , or anything even remotely close to it ….

    Stay on track ! Jeeze . lol .

  27. Brandie says:

    Man shit can get hostile real quick…and that little spat took place on Valentine’s Day? Always that one person freaking out and ruining everyone’s good time hahahahaha I think if I was fat and got a tattoo and it was spelled wrong I would be angry at my friends for noticing too…

  28. Angel says:

    “…it doesn’t matter your or you’re it still has the same meaning…”

    No, sweetheart, it doesn’t. That was the ENTIRE point. It looks like something that can be fixed pretty easily – too bad about your stank attitude.

  29. Alexis says:

    Your and you’re definitely don’t “mean” the same thing.

  30. 420reasonswhyUshouldVOTE says:

    The spelling-grammar-not a real word-word that gets me seeing red is “irregardless” Regardless is without regard….SooOOOooOOOo when people say irregardless they are saying without without regard. Is that taken to mean an extra lack of regard or should it cancel the lack of regard by way of the double negative. UGGG!

    Also on the political side, I am excited to vote for Gary Johnson this year. He is the Republican that should have been named for the presidential bid. (Woooooo Way to go with Romney smDh) He is running Libertarian….too bad he couldn’t run on his own ticket, he is a great Republican leader. The only one to hold office two years in a row in a Democratic state. (NM)

  31. 420reasonswhyUshouldVOTE says:

    Errrrrrrrr I hit submit with my wrist… I was going to say more about Gary Johnson then hit SPELL CHECK…

    Mr. Johnson is pro-legalization, pro-gay marriage, pro-choice and pro-bringing our troops back home where they belong. check him out, he is amazing.

    Punctuation FAIL SooOOOooOOOo when people say irregardless they are saying without without regard. (INSERT “?” HERE)

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