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Any McRib lovers out there?


Filed under: Product placement



  • Jack Goff

    wtf is up with all the re-posts?
    faggot queer bitch in this picture

  • drm

    I’ve seen a few of these. Might wanna lay off the cholo script. It’s not gangster. It’s RETARDED.


    Yeah this was posted before. some sick fvck was talking about the pearls saying that they were Ward Cleaver’s anal beads. wonder if it’s true?

  • Watertender

    Hey Killer, That was me posting… Ward & June would go to Lake Hump-N-Suck for the weekend & June would use them on Ward. She would start him like a Briggs & Stratton engine as he screamed out… JOOOOOONNNNN!!!

  • Stephanie

    Gee,I thought a 9 year old wasn’t not allowed to get tattoos.


    Watertender let’s get realistic. Do you actually think those are the same ones? What are the odds that this guy would have the exact beads. If you think I believe they are the same ones you should get your head examinated. Ward liked the beads bigger than that anyway.

  • Watertender

    Killer you are right. Ward would prefer them much larger. The pearls were June’s trademark. I still think they got kinky at Lake Hump-N-Suck though.


    I never heard of such crap. Hump-N-Suck? What episode was that? You’ve got to be crazy.

  • I eat POOP

    These ribs look a little under done, and you two butt-buddies (Killer and Watertender and maybe Stephanie, who might like to watch the two butt buddies) most likely deserve one another. Do you suck dick?

  • Handlebar Said It

    Yes, I agree on sucking either one’s dick.

  • Dikwitha

    COME to Dikwitha!

  • Watertender

    people don’t unsderstand sarcasm. oh well it’s not the first time

  • Jack Goff

    What if I don’t have one?

  • Stephanie

    No thanks,are you the girl-man child who got this tattoo? Clearly you need to think more about your tattoos,longer than 4 minutes.

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