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Another dude with a tattoo for his car

Joining the ranks of the Kia hamster tattoo guy, this guy got the name of his favorite car tattooed in massive letters on his arm.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Look at the bright side, he can always add an “s” and say he’s a chargers fan, ha.

  2. artkittie says:

    he must have an incredibly small penis

  3. John G says:

    Anyone like to guess the over/under on the chance this guy would ever have the money to buy a brand new Charger?

  4. John G says:

    Wait, I just realized what’s going on here. He obviously just got done reading “The Secret” and is using the tattoo to subconsciously “attract” a new Charger into his life.

    Either that or he’s a gay fister who’s named his tool of choice.

  5. AlfaCowboy says:

    Somebody please shoot this dumb cunt in the face.

  6. Megan Amber says:

    Awww, It can’t be that bad. I’ve got a tramp stamp Mustang horse on my back. But I do have a couple of stangs, one is brand new, and i’m a chick lol.

  7. marty cohen says:

    At least it’s not some dime-a-dozen bro tattoo ( “Skin” , “Family” , et al. ) , and it looks like good work by its artist .
    However ; as much of a gear head as I am , I wouldn’t agree that the forearm is a good spot for something like a car’s name …

  8. Jehanne says:

    At least the Charger is a cool car, unlike Kia and Honda … and this style emblem was featured on the classic model years, so maybe he DOES have one.

  9. Queenie says:

    Nah it’s not for a car, dude just likes to shop.

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